CD Review: Hank3 “Brothers of the 4X4”

“Brothers of the 4X4”
Hank3 Records
Producers: Hank3
Tracks: 16

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

“Brothers of the 4X4” is the 2nd and 3rd album being released by Hank3 on October 1st. The son of country music legend Hank Williams Jr. produced the 16 track 2 disc album that is being released via his own label Hank3 Records. The follow up release to 2011’s “3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin” and “Attention Deficit Domination”, “Brothers of the 4×4” is a down home traditional country album packed full of banjo’s, acoustic guitar, slide guitar and Hank3’s signature voice. The two disc album may be considered traditional by some in its approach the delivery remains unique and classic Hank3.

“Nearly Gone” which opens up disc one of “Brother of the 4×4” is a perfect example as the track consists of standard country instrumentation that is given its own spin with an overdriven vocal mix that gives the track an almost rock type feel. The track “Hurtin For Certin” features some amazing guitar picking from guest musician Johnny Highland while the song “Farthest Away” was my own personal favorite track as it reminds me of something you would hear on an old honkey tonk juke box with blown speakers. Hank3 certainly has his own version of country and though it differs greatly from that of his father and grandfathers its still country. Even if you may not be a huge Hank3 fan give “Brothers of the 4X4” a listen as there is a little something for everyone on there.

Track Listing Disc 1:
1.) Nearly Gone
2.) Hurtin For Certin
3.) Brothers of the 4X4
4.) Farthest Away
5.) Held Up
6.) Outdoor Plan
7.) Deep Scars
8.) Lookey Yonder Commin
9.) Ain’t Broken Down
10.) Overdrive
11.) Loners 4 life
12.) Dreadfull Drive

Track Listing Disc 2:
1.) Getting Dim
2.) Possum In a Tree
3.) Broken Boogie
4.) Toothpickin

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