CD Review: Hank3 “A Fiendish Threat”

“A Fiendish Threat”
Hank3 Records
Producers: Hank3
Tracks: 13

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

“A Fiendish Threat” is one of three albums being released by Hank3 on October 1st. The album was produced by Hank himself and features 13 rocking tunes that are being released via Hank’s label Hank3 Records. The follow up release to 2011’s “3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin” and “Attention Deficit Domination” “A Fiendish Threat” is an interesting take on punk rock. Picture the Misfits but without electric instruments and grease paint.

Each track features a dwelling sound that captures the listener’s attention just prior to Hanks twangy southern voice slapping you silly. The albums opening track “Can I Rip U” does a great job laying the foundation for what’s to come as it’s a full on four on the floor foot stomping number filled with angst that instantly makes you take notice. “Feel the Sting” is jammed packed with blazing fiddle solos and though it may not be a traditional punk instrument Hank and his band will instantly change that assumption.

“Your Floor” was probably my favorite track off the album as it features a eerie chorus/flange type effect mixed with spacey vocals that creep along at a slow yet steady pace before fading off into the distance.Fans of Hank3 are no strangers to his explorative nature when it comes to sound and “A Fiendish Threat” is no exception as the album blends everything from country to rockabilly to punk without missing a single beat.

Track Listing:
1.) Can I Rip U
2.) Different From The Rest
3.) There’s Another Road
4.) Broke Jaw
5.) Watchin U Suffer
6.) Breaking Free
7.) Face Down
8.) New Identity
9.) Feel the Sting
10.) Fight My Way
11.) Full On
12.) Your Floor
13.) A Fiendish Threat

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