Win Code to Watch Brandon Cronenberg’s “Antiviral” [ENDED]



In conjunction with the theatrical release of “Antiviral”, Media Mikes is excited to to give our readers a chance to win a code to watch the film starring Caleb Landry Jones right now on SundanceNOW. All you have to do is let us know, in a few sentences, your favorite way to watch films on demand. The giveaway will be open until May 3rd. One entry per person, per household. All other entries will be considered invalid. Once the giveaway ends, Media Mikes will randomly pick out winners and alert the winners via email.

The film is currently in theaters and is also available on the platform at:

Written and Directed by:
Brandon Cronenberg

Caleb Landry Jones, Sarah Gadon, Douglas Smith, Wendy Crewson, Malcolm McDowell

Syd March is an employee at a clinic that sells injections of live viruses harvested from sick celebrities to obsessed fans. Biological communion – for a price. Syd also supplies illegal samples of these viruses to piracy groups, smuggling them from the clinic in his own body. When he becomes infected with the disease that kills super sensation Hannah Geist, Syd becomes a target for collectors and rabid fans. He must unravel the mystery surrounding her death before he suffers the same fate.


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24 Replies to “Win Code to Watch Brandon Cronenberg’s “Antiviral” [ENDED]”

  1. Watching them in 1080p HD on my 47″ Toshiba by streaming them on my blu-ray player.

  2. I love to watch on demand movies late at night on my HD T.V. Movies were meant to be watched in the dark!

  3. We like watch films on demand while eating snacks with drinks or while enjoying dessert.

  4. Netflix seems the best. For a monthly fee you not only have access to movies and past seasions on most popular TV series; but if you also keep in touch with Ydio , you also have access to VOD of many TV shows within days of their 1st broadcast. Hulu’s a close second. Most TV/cable sites seem to limit their playbacks for 5 weeks after broadcast.

  5. My favorite way to watch movies on demand is thru either, Netflix, hulu Plus or Brighthouse cable on demand, pair my movie with a wine that sets the mood ( red for romantic drama, white for comedy & blush for a family film ) and dim the lights. Cuddle with my favorite blanket and love one and hit play!

  6. My favorite way to watch movies on demand is through Directv on Demand or through Netflix if I am patient enough for the movie to come out on Netflix.

  7. we use netflix instant and amazon instant, but i certainly will check out the selection on sundance now.

  8. My favorite way to watch films on demand is through Comcast/Xfinity On Demand. I usually watch movies on demand at night and have popcorn or candy while watching them. I also typically watch films on demand with some of my other family members.

  9. I watch TV on my old-timey big-screen TV but have Time-Warner so any ‘On Demand’ I watch is through that.

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