Sabrina Carpenter talks her role of Princess Vivian on Disney Junior’s “Sofia The First”

sabrinacarpenterSabrina Carpenter is a 13 years old actress and a very talented musician. She is a Hollywood Records artist and her song “Smile” was released on “Disney Fairies” CD. She was also recently cast in the series pilot for “Girl Meets World”, the sequel to “Boy Meets World”. In Disney Junior’s “Sofia The First”, she voices and also sings for the role of Princess Vivian. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Sabrina about her role in “Sofia The First” and her passion for music.

Mike Gencarelli: How did you land the role of Princess Vivian on “Sofia The First”?
Sabrina Carpenter: There were so many great roles that were sent over to audition for including Princess Chloe, Princess Hildegard, Princess Amber and of course Sofia. Then Princess Vivian came along and for my audition, I recorded a voice over in my studio and it just clicked. So we sent it in and a couple of weeks later, I got the call. I was just really surprised and excited. I really wanted to be a part of “Sofia The First”. It is such an adorable show and I knew it was going to be a hit for young girls (and boys). I am really glad I got the chance to be apart of it.

MG: What was it about Princess Vivian that you connected with?
SC: She is so different from me, which I think is very cool. I have never played a character that is very shy. So adjusting my voices to that was very fun. She also stutters and has confidence problems, so it was a great challenge for me to create these sounds and feelings that she makes. It was really fun for me.

MG: “All You Need” is one of my favorite songs from the show; where you aware of the song when you got the role?sofiathefirsts1061080p
SC: Yes I was, it was in the script. I was very excited that she had a song. Some of the characters on the show don’t sing and I was very fortunate that she did. Once I heard the song, I knew that little girls were going to love it. Since then I hear that a lot actually. I am told constantly how much people love the song and I am really glad about that. I think it sounds great for the duet with Sofia (played by Ariel Winter) and they match very well together.

MG: Can we expect to see more Princess Vivian in the coming episodes?
SC: I think you will definitely see more Princess Vivian. Right after “The Shy Princess”, the episode “Blue Ribbon Bunny” aired and Princess Vivian was in that one also. She had some cameos with her dragon, Crackle, who is a fabulous character. she is so fun and energetic and brings a lot of what Princess Vivian doesn’t have to reality. So I think in the upcoming months you should be seeing more of Princess Vivian. There will be another new song as well from Princess Vivian, so keep an eye out for that as well.

MG: You have a beautiful singing voice; tell us about what inspires you most about music?
SC: Wow, so many things inspire me. There are so many different great songs and artists in this world. I know that I am still very young but I have always loved singing older songs. When I sing, I just poor my heart and princessvivan2soul into it and hope that it comes out. I am very fortunate so far that a lot of people are supporting me on YouTube.

MG: You have released music on the “Disney Fairies” & “Sofia The First” CDs; can we expect a solo album in the future?
SC: I am actually working on my EP right now as we speak. I am very excited for everybody to hear the new music that we have been working on. “Smile” on the “Disney Fairies” CD was such a great experience for me. It was my first song released through Hollywood Records. Now we are just working to make new music for everybody and I hope that they are going to love it!

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  1. I think that Princess Vivian is one of the sweetest princesses in the show. I’m also kind of similar to her personality. I’m a little shy sometimes. Even though the show is high-tech animation, she is a pretty character design. If I was in the show, I would be named, “Prince Sean.”

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