CD Review: Terror “Live By The Code”

“Live By The Code”
Victory Records
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

The Los Angeles based hardcore band Terror are back with a brand new full length album titled “Live By The Code” The album features 11 bombastic tracks that are sure to whip even the most docile listener into a rabid frenzy. “Live By The Code” is the follow up release to the bands 2012 album “No Regrets, No Shame”. This album also marks the first release by the band since signing to legendary hardcore label Victory Records.

Honest and in your face Terror pulls no punches with their latest release. All 11 tracks contained on “Live By The Code” have everything I love about hardcore. Ripping vocals and chunky riff heavy guitar lines that made it hard to pick which songs were my favorite being they are all just so good! From the opening song “The Most High” which recounts vocalist Scott Vogel’s discovery of hardcore music to the thunderous “Hard Lessons” to the albums closing track “One Blood” which is anthem like in its approach you just couldn’t ask for anything better.

Mid 90’s angst with a refreshing musical take that grabbed me from the start. “Live By The Code” is the bands strongest album to date. The partnership between the band and Victory Records seems to be just what the band needed to take their sound to the next level. Even the most fringe hardcore listener will want to do themselves a favor and pick up a copy of this album!

Track Listing:
1.) The Most High
2.) Not Impressed
3.) Cold Truth
4.) I’m Only Stronger
5.) Live By The Code
6.) The Good Die Young
7.) Shot of Reality
8.) Hard Lessons
9.) Invasion
10.) Nothing In Your Hand
11.) One Blood

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