CD Review: The Tossers "The Emerald City"

The Tossers The Emerald CityThe Tossers
“The Emerald City”
Victory Records
Producer: Andy Gerber
Tracks: 14

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Originators of Celtic punk rock The Tossers are back with a new album titled “The Emerald City”. This will be the bands first studio album in 4 years and is packed with 14 upbeat numbers that will have you up on your feet in no time. The album was produced by Andy Gerber and is the follow up to the bands 2008 release “On a Fine Spring Evening”.

Leroy Brown better take notice because The Tossers are back with their blend of Irish tinged punk rock that will surely have the entire South Side of Chicago dancing in the streets. Probably the bands most ambitious album to date each song is carefully crafted to employ the wide range of instrumentation the band is known for. Songs such as “Here’s to a Drink With You” and “Where the Beer and Whiskey Flow” are destine to become St. Patty’s day staples with their raucous, upbeat approach while tracks such as “Where Ever You Go” and “The Southside of Town” feature more traditional, laid back approaches that the whole clan can enjoy. Each track on “The Emerald City” seems to compliment the next as T. Duggins and company seemed to have really given their all with this album. Producer Andy Gerber and mixer Ken Sluiter should be commended for their work as each musical layer seems to be recorded and mixed to near perfection. Fans of Celtic Punk rock will surely want to grab a copy of this album before sitting down with a big pint of Guinness.

Track Listing:
1.) The Rover
2.) Here’s to a Drink With You
3.) Emerald City
4.) Wherever You go
5.) USA
6.) St. Patrick’s Day
7.) Bombo Lane
8.) The Break of Dawn
9.) The Southside of Town
10.) Where the Beer and Whiskey Flow
11.) God Bless You
12.) Johnny Mcguires’ Wake
13.) The Fermony Lasses and Sporting Paddy
14.) Slainte

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