"Top Priority: The Terror Within" DVD Giveaway [ENDED]


In conjunction with the new DVD release of the whistle-blowing documentary “Top Priority: The Terror Within,” Media Mikes has teamed with Fleur De Lis Film Studios to give two readers a chance to win a copy of this hard hitting documentary. All you have to do is let us know, in a few sentences, your favorite documentary film and what made it so memorable to you. Did “Gimme Shelter” give you an inside look at the end of the 60s? Maybe “Bowling for Columbine” changed your views on gun laws. Or maybe you just love “March of the Penguins” because, well, darn it, they’re just so cute!

The contest will run from Monday, January 7 through January 21st. Two random entries will be selected and notified of their win via email. Good luck!

36 Replies to “"Top Priority: The Terror Within" DVD Giveaway [ENDED]”

  1. March of the Penguins was one of the few documentaries I managed to sit through without wanting to pull my brain out through my synovial cavity. It was informative, entertaining and very well done. I didn’t feel like I was being lectured or patronised, just enjoyably entertained.

  2. Man on Wire – utterly beautiful, breathtaking and inspiring. Nothing short of life affirming.

  3. Super Size Me. I used to eat a lot of McDonalds. Watching this documentary really woke me up to what their food (and any fast food for that matter) was doing to my body. It is scary!!

  4. We Stand Alone Together really was a well documented tribute to the men and women of WWII. I am so proud of the people that serve our country.

  5. Man on Wire (2008) – The true story of tightrope-walker Philippe Petit’s 1974 aerial walk between the [then] newly built Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York. No one -including the filmakers- could have forseen the tragedy that would befall the building and its occupants in September 2009.

  6. Bowling For Columbine I Seen It The First Time In Theaters In San Fransisco When i was about 12 and it impacted me so much it was the first time i became concerned about anything like gun control,bullying,i can watch on repeat

  7. His Name Was Jason.Really like the behind the scenes stuff.Now just have to see the Freddy one.

  8. The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter,it dives in the the hype vs the real lunitic..The guy that made everybody afraid of hippies!

  9. Ken Burns Baseball… love the game and he did an awesome job on the series. i watch it everytime i come across it.

  10. The Corporation
    Shows the dark side of corporations, very eye opening and informative.

  11. Harlan County USA: It was a devastating look into the lives of people, and their struggle to cope with the increasing danger of coal mining, and the pressure that it put on their lives, and the lives of their loved ones.

  12. The Hellstrom Chronicle was the first documentary that I saw in a movie theater. I remember the narrator having a sense of humor and the photograpy was stunning.

  13. “Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills” which showed how the criminal “justice” system miss uses its power.

  14. Samsara
    I find it amazing all the places it visits. Samsara means “The Universe” and the Universe is truly shown in all its glory. It’s the cinematography that captivated me throughout this film.

  15. I liked Fahrenheit 9/11 because it was an eye opener. It showed that there is more to politics than the “face” or “spin” they try to put on.

  16. Ken Burns “The War” which showed the families and the towns of ordinary soldiers and for the real-feel of the times.

  17. SUPERSIZE ME : it made me gasp with horror at the unhealthy lifestyles and malnutrition so many slacker Americans willingly embrace!

  18. I love docs and own several on DVD and one of my favorites is “The Fog of War” in which the 85 year old former secretary of defense and architect of the Vietnam War has a sort of reckoning of his life –and what a life it was– and some of the lessons that he has learned from waging war. It won the academy award back in 2003 and should be required viewing for students in school and politicians alike. A fascinatingly spellbinding and all too often chilling walk through the ghosts of wars past.

  19. I liked supersize me .. made me think twice about what my McDonalds dinners are doing to me!

  20. fahrenheit 9/11. it opened my eyes towards our corrupt political system and what a dumb president bush was

  21. my secret life – dyslexia was fantastic. It brought home just how important the first few years at school are for children and the impact schools failing to recognise dyslexia has on the rest of the childrens lives

  22. Fresh: New Thinking about what were eating. I leaned about different ways people are raising crops.

  23. My favorite documentary film was Sicko, which was directed by Michael Moore. What made it so memorable to me was the topic that the movie was about. The film depicted what the health insurance industry is like in this country, where we have profit-oriented health maintenance organizations (HMOs), compared to the health care industry in Canada, the U.K. and France where they have free, universal health care. When it first came out, I liked that the movie raised the question of which type of health care coverage is better. I also like that the question Sicko brought up is still very relevant today, especially since everyone in this country will need some type of health insurance starting in 2014 and the people who don’t have the best HMOs will most likely not be able to go to the best doctors when they are sick nor get the best treatment for certain maladies that they may have at a given time. The fact that people will be limited to a certain kind of treatment when they are sick, really does make me wonder if our country would be better off with free, universal health care.

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