CD Review: Hollywood Undead "Notes from the Underground"

hollywoodundeadHollywood Undead
“Notes from the Underground”
A&M Records/Octone
Producers: Griffin Boice, Danny Lohner, S*A*M, Sluggo
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

The masked rock/rap group known as Hollywood Undead is back with their latest offering titled “Notes From The Underground”. The album is the follow up to the groups 2011 release “American Tragedy” and is being released via A&M/Octone Records. Produced by Griffin Boice, Danny Lohner, S*A*M and, Sluggo the 11 tracks contained on “Notes From The Underground” cover an immense amount of musical territory. From rolling anthem filled ballads to in your face thrash the band has provided its listeners with a little bit of everything. Be sure to check out our interview with Hollywood Undead vocalist Johnny 3 Tears, here.

At first listen the album at times can seem a little hokey however after spending a little more time listening to the tracks they really start to sink their hooks in. Tracks such as “Lion” which starts off with a light and simplistic piano/drum/vocal section quickly transforms in to a catchy sing along chorus
that would be right at home on popular radio. While the album’s first single “We Are” is a bit darker and features more rap infused vocals and is very reminiscent of songs found on the group’s debut release “Swan Songs”. The choice of using multiple producers can at times be risky however it has appeared to have paid off this time as the 11 tracks blend seamlessly from one to another. If you are a fan of albums that take you from point A to point B while hitting all stops in between “Notes From The Underground” will fit perfectly into your playlist rotation.

Track Listing:
1.) Dead Bite
2.) From the Ground
3.) Another Way Out
4.) Lion
5.) We Are
6.) Pigskin
7.) Rain
8.) Kill Everyone
9.) Believe
10.) Up in Smoke
11.) Outside


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