Marti Frederikson talks about music and working on Aerosmith’s new album

Marti Frederikson is a writer, producer, performer who has worked with artists such as Buckcherry, Carrie Underwood and Gavin Rossdale. Frederikson recently completed work on tracks for the upcoming Aerosmith album titled “Music From Another Dimension!” which is set for a November 2012 release. Media Mikes had the chance to talk with Marti about his career and what it was like once again working with Aerosmith.

Adam Lawton: How did you first break in to the music business?
Marti Frederiksen: I started off playing in bands and had gotten a couple record deals. I was just trying to be myself. I started off playing the drums when I was very young and I have always loved music. From the age of 5 on I never gave up on music.

AL: What type of process do you take when a band is looking to work with you?
MF: I try to work with bands and artists that I really like while at the same time not spreading myself to thin by wanting to do everything that comes my way. There are only so many days in the week so it’s hard. If I hear something new and like the approach of a group or artist then I don’t want to change their sound. What I want to try and do is to help them make their work better. I am attracted to cool sounds that I want to try and make better.

AL: Do you have a favorite out of writing, producing or performing?
MF: Doing live stuff I would have to say is my least favorite these days. Songwriting is what I really enjoy. Getting together with someone and 3 hours later you have a great song is something I really like. The producing usually will happen when you are just trying to get a song to the finish line. You end up spending a lot of time as producing is very time consuming. Depending on how good an act is generally dictates how long things will take.

AL: How did you first get involved working with Aerosmith?
MF: I worked with a band many years ago called Brother Cane and their Aerosmith’s A&R guy heard the song we had done and he really liked the approach of the song. I was lucky enough to get a meeting with him from this and he asked me if I would be interested in working with Aerosmith. This was in 1997 and at that time the band was coming off of the “Get a Grip” album.

AL: What type of role do you as the produce take with such an established band like Aerosmith who have a very defined, signature sound already?
MF: I first met with Steven and Joe. I tried to guide whatever ideas came out of us playing in to full songs. I really wanted to get some hooks and put those together into a bunch of songs that people would want to listen to and buy.

AL: Can you tell us about working the track “What Could Have Been Love” which has been in the works for many years now?
MF: The song has been around for years now. Finally everyone got to play on it as there has been a demo floating around for a bit. This song was always something Steven wanted to do and releasing it was just a matter of when and what the song would be for. I am really glad this song turned into an Aerosmith song which is what is was intended to be.

AL: Was it difficult in any way going to work with the guys knowing some of the member’s recent troubles with one another?
MF: It was probably harder for them. I will just wait until they are ready. They came prepared and we just took it from there. Once they were prepared to get in the studio and start putting songs together it was pretty simple. There was a lot of outside press going on which impacted the members prior to this but that stuff was all sorted out before they came in.

AL: Did the band work together as a whole or did the members work separate from one another?
MF: The stuff I worked on had some pretty decent demos already. There were a few other tracks we got together on such as “Beautiful” and a duet with Carrie Underwood titled “Can’t Stop Loving You” that really came from scratch.

AL: What other projects are you currently working on?
MF: I just got in with the 3 Doors Down guys who are putting out a greatest hits record. I did 3 new songs with them which will be included on that release. I have also been doing a lot of writing with various writers and groups.

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