Product Review “theKube2” MP3 Player

Bluetree Electronics
Supports microSD card up to 32 GB (a 4GB microSD card is included)
Includes a card reader for file transferring
Built-in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
Play-time up to 6 hours

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

When I heard that Bluetree Electronics was releasing the World’s Smallest Touch MP3 Player, I couldn’t help it but be interested. Let me introduce the theKube2. It isn’t called theKube for no reason since it literally measures at just one cubed inch. The touch screen is used for audio navigation and control and is rather user-friendly. The sound on this little device is very impressive. When it comes to battery life, that is key when it comes to handheld devices. TheKube2 packs six hours of playback in one single hour USB charge. This device is also expandable with storage. It comes with 4GB microSD and supports microSD card up to 32GB. Since theKube2 is bland it also is customizable with its design and has full body, changeable skins.

Now that we delivered all the neat features, I still have a problem with theKube2. I thought it would have been a neat gadget to just pop in and go but I still stick with my iPhone (or any other Smartphone for that matter) over this device. I was thinking this would work great with the gym or running but there are already great armbands made for all smart devices. With all the devices out there now, I feel that this would most likely work best for kids that don’t cellphones yet and need a MP3 player. Obviously they would want a iPad or iTouch but given the cost this is an good alternative…if you are just looking for an MP3 player.

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