CD Review: Rick Hornyak “Marigold”

Rick Hornyak
Produced by: Rick Hornyak
11 tracks
Running time: 45 mins

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

It was about three songs in, on the second listening of Rick Hornyak’s new CD, “Marigold,” that I put my finger on how to best describe his sound. The Austin, Texas resident, by way of Clarks Mills, Pennsylvania, was spinning beautiful stories that made my mind wander. And then it hit me. Hornyak’s music is best described as Mike Nesmith (his solo stuff (“Different Drum”), not his Monkees years) meets Jimmy Buffett. Like Nesmith, who hailed from Houston, Hornyak has a smooth, folksy delivery that emphasizes the moods of each song. Like Buffett, his lyrics tell amazing stories. He is also an accomplished guitarist, starting of songs like “So Many Times Before” with some fancy guitar work. To me the standout song is “See This Through,” delivered so sincerely it could have been part of Bad Blake’s concert set in the film “Crazy Heart.” Other notable songs are “Foolish Love” (good for slow dancing) and the cheerfully delivered “The
Monkey Song.”

Track Listing:
1. So Many Times Before
2. See This Through
3. Right in Front of Me
4. Cigarettes
5. Homesick Blues
6. Don’t Hide Away
7. Foolish Love
8. Door to Your Heart
9. Far From Home
10. The Monkey Song
11. Moving On (Without You)

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