DVD Review “Ultimate Avengers Movie Collection”

MPAA Rating: PG-13 / PG
Distributed by: Lions Gate
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Running Time: 217 minutes

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

With “Marvel’s The Avengers” on the way this May, this is very hot content. The “Ultimate Avengers” series was made back in 2005 and “New Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow” was made in 2008. If you already own the “Ultimate Avengers” films, you don’t need to re-purchase this for the bonus film “Next Avengers”. If you don’t own any of these I would run out to the store and grab these, especially since they are being sold at a very reasonable price. If you have a Blu-ray player, I would recommend you grab this set

“Ultimate Avengers” is inspired by Marvel’s best-selling books, The Ultimates. It focuses on six heroes, lead by Captain America, who must fight as one to save the world. “Ultimate Avengers 2” forces our heroes to reunite in order to fight a rematch of heroic proportions in order to assist The Black Panther. “New Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow” focuses on the spawn of The Avengers taking the lead after their parents demise was met by Ultron.

To top off this impressive collection of movies, there is also a ton of bonus features included on this release. There are a few making-of featurettes, interactive games, concepts art gallery and more. The animation on this film are very colorful and sharp. The movies are just plain fun and if you are fan of Marvel’s work it is a no brainer. If you are looking to get more excited for “Marvel’s The Avengers” to hit theaters then this collection is a good way to brush up on your favorite superheros and get ready for May 4th.


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