DVD Review “The Adventure of Superboy: The Complete Third Season”

superboyActors: Gerard Christopher, Stacy Haiduk, Sherman Howard
Number of discs: 3
Studio: Warner Archive Collection
DVD Release Date: July 16, 2013
Run Time: 560 minutes

Our Score: 2 out of 5 stars

Warner Archive is responsible for bringing this complete third season of “The Adventure of Superboy” to DVD for the first time.  They originally released the first season back in 2006 but there was a huge gap for the second season, which was released December 2012. So hopefully the fourth and final season of the show is not far behind. This show is a half-hour live-action television series based on early year of Kal-El aka Superman. The show ran from 1988–1992 and aired over 100 episodes. The title of the show was renamed in fact from “Superboy” to “The Adventures of Superboy” at the start of the third season.

I personally was not a huge fan of this show.  I think Superman works best when he is Superman.  I am not really interested in his younger days, nor does anyone else. Anyone see “Man of Steel” – fast forward to the good stuff. But this show came at a time in our TV history in the early 90’s where it was considered a little campy as well.  The idea of superhero films or TV shows were focusing more on camp then the darker and more serious tones. Hardcore fans of DC Comics, might want this to complete their collection but I was not a big fan.

Official Premise: Celebrate the Summer of Steel by diving into Kal-El’s adventures… when he was just a “boy” – and by boy we mean a fully-employed young adult! The show’s third season ushered in more changes as the hit syndicated show redefined itself for a new decade. Now named The Adventures of Superboy, the show leaves Shuster University behind, as Clark (Gerard Christopher) and Lana (Stacy Haiduk) take on internships in Capitol City at The Bureau of Extra-Normal Matters, a government agency dedicated to investigating aliens and the paranormal – years before anyone put an ³X² on a file. Working alongside fellow bureau member Matt Ritter (Peter Jay Fernandez) and under bureau chief C. Dennis Jackson (Robert Levine), Clark and Lana delve deep into the unknown as the show cooks up a comic-flavored confection of SciFi Noir. Fans will want to keep their eyes peeled for a pair of special guest stars in this 26-Episode, 3-Disc Collection – Stuart Whitman as Jonathan Kent and Ron Ely as …Superman!

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