Blu-ray Review “Usher: OMG Tour- Live From London”

Starring: Usher
Rating: Unrated
Run Time: 104 Mins.
Studio: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Overall Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I have never been a BIG fan of Usher’s music, but I am not denying that he is the reigning King Of R ‘N B. He album sales are in the multi-millions and he is known all the around the world. This concert was filmed in high definition at London s O2 Arena in the spring of 2011. The “OMG Tour” was to support Usher’s recent chart topping “Raymond V Raymond” album. One thing you gotta give to this show and to Usher himself is that the guy knows how to put on a show. The show is more like a stage production with fantastic lighting and amazing pyrotechnics. He also pulls a Madonna and Cher with multiple costume changes. The show also boosts some really intense and fascinating choreography, which gives the show the amped up production that actually tells a story.

The picture on this Blu-ray is clear and even though it is only 1080i (like most music Blu-rays), it looks really good. The audio is key for a music Blu-ray and this one packed a solid DTS HD Master Audio track. It is very impressive and the songs sound great. If you like his early hits you got “You Make Me Wanna”), he also includes his ballads like “Nice & Slow”, love songs with “There Goes My Baby” and of course the big hits with “Yeah”. Usher is not just a singer he is a performer and he does a decent job in this show to entertain his audience. If you are an fan of his music than this disc is a new-brainer. If you are not a big fan, like me, this might make you one.

There are some decent bonus features on this release as well including a very interesting behind the scenes look in “On The Shoulder Of Giants”. It focuses on Usher and his team as they put together the show. Also included is a short piece about Usher’s New Look Foundation in London called “New Look”. Overall this is a pretty impressive release and it has been very enjoyable to check out.

1) Monstar
2) She Don t Know
3) Yeah
4) U Remind Me
5) U Don t Have To Call
6) You Make Me Wanna
7) Mars vs Venus
8) Nice & Slow
9) Love In This Club
10) Lil Freak
11) Hot Tottie
12) There Goes My Baby
13) Burn
14) Bad Girl
15) Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)
16) Caught Up
17) DJ Got Us Falling Love
18) More
19) OMG

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