Blu-ray Review “Mortal Kombat: Legacy”

Developed by: Kevin Tancharoen
Starring: Michael Jai White, Jeri Ryan, Darren Shahlavi, Matt Mullins, Sam Tjhia, Jolene Tran, Ryan Robbins, Ian Anthony Dale, Kevan Ohtsji, Shane Warren Jones, Peter Shinkoda
Rating: TV-MA
Distributed: Warner Premiere
Running Time: 104 minutes

Overall Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Finally they got it right…”Mortal Kombat” has been done the way it has been meant to. This series consists of nine episodes and explores an origin to the series’ most iconic characters in the “Mortal Kombat” universe. This series is gritty, violent and totally edgy. The prior attempts at this series failed to really capture the essence of “Mortal Kombat” but this one scores a flawless victory. The video on the release is fantastic especially on Blu-ray.  Since this is a low budget web series, the picture is clear and really crisp. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track is also fantastic.  I wish this series ran longer than only nine episodes but I guess we will have to wait till Kevin Tancharoen gets a chance to turn this into a feature. You hear that Warner Brothers?!

The series has episodes which focus on the following characters “Jax, Sonya and Kano”, “Johnny Cage”, “Kitana & Mileena”, “Raiden”. “Scorpion and Sub Zero” and “Cyrax and Sektor”. Each episode focuses on the origin story for each character.  It really expands the back stories to each character.  With “Jax, Sonya and Kano”, we get a great two part episode kick off, which explores how Kano becomes his cyber-self.  The episode is a dark and very gritty. “Johnny Cage” features a lot more comedy then the prior but definitely kicks some major ass.  “Kitana & Mileena” is a two part episode which focuses on how Kitana discovers that she is the daughter of King Jerrod and Queen Sindel and was taken by Shao Kahn and that Mileena is a clone created by Shang Tsung. “Raiden” shows how the character became stranded on earth and needs to fight in the tournament.  “Scorpion and Sub Zero” is another two part episode and easily the best in the series focuses on the real revenge story between the two.  Lastly and the most CGI episode “Cyrax and Sektor” exposes the evolution of the two deadly cyborgs.

We all know that we can watch this series online, so why are we buying these on Blu-ray?…the answer is special features. Well I want to rave about it but it is a little lacking running only around 30 minutes total. I would have loved to see some commentary for each episode in the series.  The first feature called “Fights”, which focuses on the fights and stunts throughout the web-series. “Fan Made” reveals Tancharoen’s passion and vision behind the series. “Expanding The Netherrealm” is easily the best feature and delves into the process of resurrecting this franchise. “Mysticism” focuses on the characters and their powers.  “Gear” showcases the kick ass weapons used in this series.  Overall this is definitely worth the $15 bucks for fans of this franchise!

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