Interview with Tha Original Gata™ Monique Dupree

Monique Dupree has been in over 60 films including “American Gangster”, “Life Support”, “The Replacements”, “Satan Hates You” and “Bikini Bloodbath Christmas”. She also worked as a comicbook model as well for “Gingerstein: Rise of the Undead. Dupree also known as “Tha Original Gata™ and is the lead singer of a band named Negro Childe. Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Monique about her career and her upcoming films.

Mike Gencarelli: Have you always been a fan of the horror genre?
Monique Dupree: Yes I have. I wasn’t allowed to watch horror growing up. So I would sneak and watch anyway. I think part of the allure of it all started out being that I wasn’t allowed to watch. Then when I able to watch, it just stuck with me. I love everything about the horror genre, from old school horror, to slashers and everything in between.

MG: I read that you have done five films while pregnant, tell us about this?
MD: Well honestly, bills still have to be paid even when you’re with child, lol. I was blessed to have people that still wanted to work with me while I was pregnant. I had one film that I did while pregnant when I was running through the woods in red lingerie. THAT, was interesting.

MG: Do you have favorite role that you have played?
MD: Yes, my favorite role to date is Oria from “Shadowhunters 2: Oria” (which is not out yet). It took a long time for me to prepare for that role and my character was a snake demon, so she had no dialogue. She had to speak through body movements and emotion of the eyes and such.

MG: What has been your most difficult production to work on?
MD: I would have to say the above as well (“Shadowhunters 2: Oria”). One of the things I love about it so much was that the character was so difficult for me. I was also on set for a month which was pretty tough to handle especially being away from my children so long.

MG: Tell us about your work as a comic book model?
MD: Well, I’ve done quite afew things to date, but my most satisfying has been playing Edie Van Horn in “Gingerstein: Rise of the Undead”. I read comics, so to be a comic book model is a dream come true. I also LOVE working with the fabulous Dennis Willman. His artwork is INSANE.

MG: Tell us about some of your upcoming projects?
MD: I’m working on the upcoming film “Girl Scout Cookies”, “Alien Vengeance 3-D”, “Wade” and a TV show called “The Bronx Flavor” are just a few.

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