CD Review: Chimaira “The Age of Hell”

“The Age of Hell”
Entertainment One
Producer: Ben Schigel, Mark Hunter, Rob Arnold
Tracks: 12

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Chimaira’s “The Age of Hell” is the 6th studio album from the Cleveland based groove metal band. It is the bands first release on eOne records and is the follow up album to the bands 2009 release titled “The Infection”

“The Age of Hell” seems to be a step in a new direction for Chimaira. This could be the band growing older and progressing as a musical unit or the result of the ever changing tides in the music industry which currently seems to be calling for more stripped back listener friendly albums. I am going to go out on a limb and say it’s probably more so my first observation. “The Age of Hell” is the bands 6th studio album I would hope by now that after such brutal albums as “The Impossibility of Reason” and the bands 2005 self titled album “Chimaira” the band is about out of things to be mad at. Listeners have to remember that eventually a band will change. This could be due in part to age, different influences or different members. I like to look at change as a good thing especially when it comes to music. If Chimaira or any other band for that matter kept making albums that sounded the same as the last would you or I keep buying them? Probably not!

Chimaira’s “The Age of hell” album is a smoothed out metal record with catchy vocal harmonies and synth infused break downs. “The Age of Hell” is less edgier than the bands previous releases however it still provides listeners with plenty of weight and Chimaira charm.

Track Listing:
1.)    The Age of Hell
2.)    Clock Work
3.)    Losing My Mind
4.)    Time is Running Out
5.)    Year of the Snake
6.)    Beyond the Grave
7.)    Born in Blood
8.)    Stoma
9.)    Powerless
10.)   Trigger Finger
11.)   Scapegoat
12.)   Samsara

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