CD Review: 3 “The Ghost You Gave Me”

“The Ghost You Gave Me”
Metal Blade Records
Tracks: 12

Our Score: 2 out of 5

“The Ghost You Gave Me” will be the 6th studio release for the Woodstock, NY band 3. “The Ghost You Gave Me” is a rock infused blend of melodic vocals and stylistic guitar lines that captivate the listener from the very start. 3 formed in 1994 and quickly made their way up the progressive music ranks and in 2008 the band was part of the progressive rock package tour “Progressive Nation” which also featured Opeth, Between the Buried and Me and Dream Theater. “The Ghost You Gave Me” is the bands follow up release to their 2009 album titled “Revisions”.

“The Ghost You Gave Me” I found to be an interesting listen. The album was vocally very melodic and well performed even though I would have prefered a little heavier less dated approach. At times the music seemed weak and the instrumentation was not on the level of some other progressive bands however each member did have specific moments throughout the album where they could shine. A couple highlights off the album consisted of the title track “The Ghost You Gave Me” as well as “Pretty” which featured a catchy sing along type chorus that was enjoyable to listen to.

3’s “The Ghost You Gave Me” didn’t do much to impress me. In looking at the progressive music genre as a whole I think there really needs to be something new to come along and in a sense one up what bands like Dream Theater did starting in the mid 80’s. If bands such as 3 keep putting out dated interpretations instead of new and fresh material the genre progressive will surely slip further into the obscure.

Track Listing:
1.)    Sirenum Scopuli
2.)    React
3.)    Sparrow
4.)    High Times
5.)    Numbers
6.)    On With the Sun
7.)    The Ghost You Gave Me
8.)    Pretty
9.)    Afterglow
10.)  It’s Alive
11.)  Only Child
12.)  The Barrier




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