CD Review: Anthrax “Worship Music”

“Worship Music”
Producer: Anthrax, Jay Ruston
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 4 out of 5

“Worship Music” produced by Anthrax, Scrap 60 and Jay Ruston is the legendary thrash/metal bands 10th studio album. “Worship Music” is the first release of new music by the band since their 2003 release “We’ve Come For You All”. “Worship Music” is also the first album to feature singer Joey Belladonna since Anthrax’s 1990 release of “Persistence of Time”.

When I read that Joey Belladonna had been tapped to sing vocals on the new Anthrax album my inner thrash fan about exploded out of my chest! I like many other Anthrax fans have been waiting 20 years for Joey’s next album with the band and now its hear. “Worship Music’s” first single “Fight ‘Em Til You Can’t” kicks the album right off and is packed full of both classic and more modern Anthrax sounds. Joey Belladonnas voice is like an ageless wonder and in my opinion has never sounded better. Tracks like “The Devil You Know”, “I’m Alive” and “The Constant” were instant favorites of mine. However all 11 tracks included on “Worship Music” had great arrangements that I felt really showcased each member of the bands talent.

Anthrax’s “Worship Music” is classic Anthrax. For those hardcore Anthrax fans that have been waiting for a new album featuring Joey Belladonna your wait is over. Joey’s vocals are dead on reminiscent of the classic Anthrax albums we all grew up listening to. As a whole the band is extremely tight making “Worship Music” a great album to mosh and head bang to!

Track Listing:
1.) Worship (Intro)
2.) Fight ‘Em Til You Can’t
3.) The Devil You Know
4.) Earth on Hell
5.) Crawl
6.) I’m Alive
7.) In the End
8.) Revolution Screams
9.) The Giant
10.) The Constant
11.) Judas Priest

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