Adult Swim’s “Children’s Hospital” Interview Series

“Children’s Hospital” is an off-the-wall comedy/medical drama television series, created by and starring actor/comedian Rob Corddry. The show contains a great ensemble cast including Lake Bell, Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, Ken Marino, Megan Mullally, Malin Akerman and Henry Winkler.  June 2, 2001, marked the starts of the show’s third season.  The show has even spawned a spin-off already “National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle” which is set to premiere July 21, 2011 on Adult Swim.

Movie Mikes is a big fan of this show and had the chance to chat with a few of its cast members. As of June 29,2011, we have interviewed Megan Mullally and Rob Huebel. We will be adding more cast members as the season three progresses. Stay Tuned!

Make sure to watch Children’s Hospital Thursday’s at Midnight on Adult Swim!

Megan Mullally

Rob Huebel

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