Interview with Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers currently appearing the “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” playing the character Quan Chi. Michael is also starring in the this years Tribeca favorite “Beyond the Black Rainbow”, which will be next showing at Cannes. Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Michael about his roles in both projects.

Mike Gencarelli: How did you get involved with “Mortal Kombat: Legacy”?
Michael Rogers: I just auditioned for it.  Originally I had auditioned for the role of Kabal.  They ended up bringing me back for Quan Chi, which I was thrilled about because I absolutely loved the role. If had a pick of any of the roles that would be the role I would choose.  There is just so much juice in there.  So then I was cast and two weeks later we shot it.

MG: Where you familiar with the character Quan Chi?
MR: You know what, I wasn’t at all.  I wasn’t a gamer.  I have obviously heard of it but was not familiar with the characters.  Right away when I read it I was very attracted to the role since it was so rich.  Once I got the role I tried to actually stay away.  Of course I watched “Mortal Kombat: Rebirth”, which was phenomenal but outside of that I stayed away from looking at the game, the TV series or the movies.  I did not want any influences and wanted to come in with a fresh perspective.

MG: How do you compare working on web series to TV and film?
MR: My approach is always the same.  With this project, they obviously had to get it done fast.  I think that that environment spawns a lot of creativity.  You have to be very alive and spontaneous and that really allows for some great moments.

MG: Do you have a favorite genre to work in?
MR: I really don’t.  As long as the role has depth to it and it is interesting to me, I think it would be interesting to me no matter what genre it is.  Ironically, I have never been a huge fan of sci-fi, but I actually just a film called “Beyond the Black Rainbow” which just screened at Tribeca.  I have certainly gained a better appreciation for sci-fi from that.

MG: Tell us about working on “Hellraiser: Hellseeker”, one my favorite in the series?
MR: Thanks man, that is great to here.  It was a fantastic experience. Rick Bota, who directed it, was a great guy and was fantastic to work with.  Dean Winters was also phenomenal to work with and trade pushes with.  It was really just a great experience.

MG: Tell us about the film “Beyond the Black Rainbow” and your role?
MR: I play Barry Nyle, it is a primary lead role.  It takes place in a dystopian 1983 and it is a beautiful, stunning film.  It is fairly abstract and probably the most reward film that I have been a part of.  It was rewarding and challenging at the same time.  It was a pleasure to have it been received so well at Tribeca. As far as we know we have been picked up by distribution and from what I understand it is looking to be sold at Cannes.  So it is moving a long and hopefully it will be out later this year.  It is really a piece of art and I am super proud of that one.  It was a real labour of love.

MG: What do you consider is your favorite experience in your career?
MR: Definitely like I said, the most rewarding and challenging has to be “Beyond the Black Rainbow”.  Without giving too much away, I had to play two incarnations basically the same role.  It was such an abstract film and the preparation for it was really intense.  So far this one takes the cake.

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