6 Replies to ““The Boondock Saints” Interview Series”

  1. Bro you should get me that tshirt my bother is a HUGE fan of boondocks let me know he usually wears a large… oh this is the for the movie mike who works at sungard 🙂

  2. I love sean patrick flanery and noram Reedus would love to meet them, where do i enter the contest. are they going to do Boondock Saints 3 I hope that they do.

  3. Norman and Sean are amazing, not to mention very good looking. My son got me to watch Boondocks Saints and I really loved it, part 2 was even better, would love to win some real memorabilia. The movie is action packed I was on the edge of my seat almost the whole way through.

  4. Great interview. I love the story line. Favorite character is Detective Duffy. I would treasure this in my Movie room.

  5. Wow!! The first movie was great. I like action movies a lot. I have not seen part 2 yet but I hope to see it soon. Sean Flanery and Troy Duffy would be my favorites.

  6. One of my favorite parts in Boondock Saints I was after Il Duce’s “ambush” and Connor, Murphy and Rocco’s “treatment” of their gunshot wounds, and they sitting at a table watching TV and Smecker is on the news. This gets Connor’s and Murphy’s attention, and they verbalize it and Rocco turns around to see the TV, too, and sees Smecker, but doesn’t recognize him. “The Boys” comment on how they’re in deeper shit with Smecker after them, now, too, and Rocco calls Smecker a liability… like they should kill him so they don’t have to worry him catching them anymore. This is where I think a VERY fundamental aspect of this film is revealed- “The Boys” respond that Smecker’s not to be touched… that he’s a good man. THEIR PRIMARY driving force is their commitment to ridding the country of evil men- Rocco’s (at the time, at least) is to survive, no matter who they have to kill to stay active. He doesn’t “get it”- it’s not about “winning” or losing”- it’s about their commitment… no matter HOW long or short of time they may survive in the process. Towards the very end of the film, when Connor and Murphy are hid out in a motel room, and Connor asks, “How far are we gonna take this, Da?”, and Il Duce’s response confirms what “The Boys” had “corrected” Rocco on earlier about Smecker- “The question isn’t how far… the question is do you possess the constitution… the depth of faith… to go as far is as needed?” (no matter HOW long they survive in their “mission”) Their “mission” is selfless and totally dedicated to them being “Shepherds”- showing the rest of humanity “The Way”- “Destroying all that which is evil… So that which is good may flourish.”- no matter WHAT their fate may be… no matter HOW long they walk the earth carrying out their Divine mission.

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