MovieMikes’ "Hatchet II" Interviews

*UPDATE* 10-14-10

We have a new entry to our “Hatchet II” interviews. Movie Mikes was able to chat with Tom Holland, who plays the role of Bob in the film. This actually marks Tom’s first acting role in a film since 1982 (despite cameos). Thanks to Robert Galluzzo, director of the amazing documentary “The Psycho Legacy” for making this happen!

Like always, Movie Mikes love their horror films. With October now started, this month is sure to be packed solid with horror flicks. This week Adam Green is releasing “Hatchet II” which is a follow-up to his already cult classic “Hatchet”. Being a fan of the first “Hatchet. I was really excited to have seen the follow-up. Thanks to Adam Green the film was actually in fact better than the first unlike most slasher sequels. Movie Mikes was lucky enough to be able to interview the director Adam Green and the star of “Hatchet”  Kane Hodder, who plays the new horror icon Victor Crowley.

Enjoy and please leave comments!

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