Interview with Ada-Nicole Sanger

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Ada-Nicole began dancing and singing at age three. She is playing Kevin James’ daughter in “Grown Ups”. Movie Mikes has the chance to talk to Ada-Nicole and she told us about what it was like work on “Grown Ups” and her love for movies.

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Mike Gencarelli: Have you always wanted to pursue the career of acting?
Ada-Nicole Sanger: I would have to say yes. When I was six I started old classics with Gene Kelly, Julie Garland, Fred Astaire and I loved them. I was singing and dancing ever since I could walk and talk. I just got into it and held on for the ride.

Mike Gencarelli: What was been your inspiration?
Ada-Nicole Sanger: Definitely Drew Barrymore, Julie Andrews, Amy Adams, Will Farrell and Adam Sandler, they are my favorites. I love how comedian are like chameleons they can change into anything.

Mike Gencarelli: What was it like working on “Grown-Ups”? How was working with the whole cast?
Ada-Nicole Sanger: It was SO amazing! They were all such sweethearts and down to earth. They would always be giving little tips and encouraging you, fist pumps, little smiles, it was such an experience

MG: What was your favorite moment on the set of “Grown-Ups?
AS: There are actually two; one was on the first day of filming. We were getting out of the car and I had twins that played my brother and it was the first time we were meeting Adam (Sandler). We had gift baskets in our trailer the first day. So we got out of the car and saw Adam and he said “Oh thank you Mr. Sandler for the present”. It was funny but we didn’t use that scene. The other was during the big basketball scene on 4th of July, my grandparents were able to be extras in the movie. It was fun because my whole family is from New England and we were filming in Massachusetts. They got to come and visit and enjoy the set.

MG: Who would you love to work with?
AS: Well I already have worked with half my idols on the set of “Grown-Ups”. I love them all. I would probably say one of my female idols like Julie Andrews or Drew Barrymore. I love them.

MG: Do you have any other passions besides acting?
AS: Oh my gosh, I have so many things going on at one time. I love to sing, dance, archery, swimming. I also design my own clothes. I like sketching, art, and writing. Pretty much all the creative things, I love to do.

MG: Do you have any other projects coming up?
AS: Well, I was on an episode of Nickelodeon’s “BrainSurge” last month. It doesn’t air till the summer. It was so much fun and Jeff (Sutphen) was really nice. I watch it at home and get all the questions right and my mom said “You should be on that”. I auditioned and they called me in.

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