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J. LaRose made his Hollywood film debut as a victim of Jigsaw, known as Troy in “Saw III”. Including “Saw III”, J. LaRose has worked with Darren Lynn Bousman on three feature films, TV and a few shorts: “Repo! The Genetic Opera”, “Fear Itself” episode “New Year’s Day”, the upcoming “Mother’s Day”. Movie Mikes has the chance to ask J. LaRose a few questions about his career and how quickly is skyrocketing.

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Mike Gencarelli: Tell me about your role as “Troy” in “Saw III”, did you find it hard to play such a role?
J. LaRose: Troy was quite the gift for me…To be the opening kill in a SAW franchise film brought a lot of (wanted) attention. The SAW fans are a dedicated bunch and have since followed me to other projects, for which I’m very grateful. The role was a challenge in that there’s a fine line between something looking (and feeling) authentic or just looking like an act. My goal was to make the viewing audience feel the pain.

Mike Gencarelli: You co-starred in “Repo! The Genetic Opera”, how was it working on that film?
J. LaRose: It was amazing. We recorded everything in a studio and then had to lip-sync during the actual filming, both of which I’ve had limited experience. I also got to hang out and watch while the other actors and musicians recorded their parts, which was a great learning experience and also very entertaining. The film is filled with a very talented group of individuals. It also allowed me to work and hang with director Darren (Lynn Bousman) again. He and I have a friendship that goes way back, and it’s always a treat to work with him. (I say work, but it’s really play…;)

Mike Gencarelli: You also starred with a short of “Repo” back in 2006? Can you tell us about that?
J. LaRose: Darren directed a stage play version of “Repo” many years ago. He had always wanted to bring it to the big screen, so he shot a short with the intent to show the studios his vision for the film. Soon after “Saw III” was wrapped, they assembled a cast and crew and shot a few scenes/songs from the story. It’s very cool.

MG: You star in the upcoming film, “The Tenant”, can you tell us about that role and movie?
JL: I play the role of Jeff who is an ex-con, who feels it’s him against the world. As part of his “paying back his debt to society” he’s forced to drive a busload of deaf teens and counselors. Unforeseen circumstances result in them being forced to deal with an unknown monster of sorts. I had a blast working on it, and it turned out great. We shot “The Tenant” in Florida, with just about everybody involved being local to Florida and the southeast. One of the producers (Melissa Gruver) is a good friend of mine and it was great to get to work on her project. I also got a chance to work with my daughter Christine, who was cast in a role, which was very cool.

MG: Tell us about you involvement with the upcoming remake of “Mother’s Day”?
JL: “Mother’s Day” gave me the opportunity to work with Rebecca De Mornay, whom I’m sure a majority of every guy from my generation has had a crush on at some point. She is AMAZING. I got to screen the movie just after post-production and I was blown away. I expected it to be a good film, but it far exceeded my expectations. While the original film was more campy, this version is much more dramatic and tense. I love it !

MG: How was it working with Darren Lynn Bousman again?
JL: Working with Darren again was great…We get to hang out, and do what we LOVE to do. He never ceases to amaze me with how well he can handle all that goes with directing a film…I could never do it.

MG: What else do you have planned for the future?
JL: I worked on a few other films last year that will be released sometime this year. “The Tortured”, in which I got to work with Erika Christensen and Jesse Metcalfe, “Unearthed” where I worked with Max Martini and Betsy Russell and “The Arcadian’, where I got to work with Lance Hendrickson. I just recently worked with Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne on a project called “Insidious”, that is being directed by James Wan. (original “Saw”). Otherwise, I have a few projects lined up that don’t have specific start dates just yet, and until they do, I usually don’t like to talk about them. I mention all the “names” I worked with because I’m a HUGE fan of this business and I get giddy just thinking that I able to work with all these amazing actors that I look up too…I’m very lucky.

“If anyone has any interest, they can check out my webpage, or friend me on  Facebook, and Twitter. (Note: I’m not up to speed on twitter just yet, but eventually I’ll join in on the fun…;)

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