The Top Five Most Stylish Actresses Currently Wowing Hollywood

Style and Hollywood are clearly synonymous but that doesn’t mean that every diva in the industry can pull it off every single time. 

In the day and age when film icons could be spotted and photographed at any moment, there are some actresses who manage to always look as if they’ve just stepped off or on to the catwalk.

These stylish acting talents know exactly how to present themselves, and their outfits, to their adoring public and we’ve highlighted three in particular who do so with aplomb.

Lupita Nyong’o

The Oscar winning actress oozes style in just about every pose she’s been captured in since she broke into our consciousness following her award winning performance in the harrowing Steve McQueen film Twelve Years a Slave

Never afraid to take risks and with a petite frame to die for, Nyong’o is a fashion house’s dream when it comes to over the top outfits that would look garish and ill-fitting on most of Hollywood’s establishment.

Every Met Gala she’s attended has led to viral action across social media, Lupita is not only a hugely talented actor she is also a bone fide style icon.

Gal Gadot

The Israeli actress comes from model beginnings and while it may have taken a while for the 35-year-old to convince the film industry she can act, she’s certainly making up for lost time and her latest release, the Wonder Woman sequel 1984, has proven a big hit despite the fact that a worldwide cinematic release hasn’t been possible due to COVID-19.

The wispy actor always looks perfect whenever she’s snapped. Whether she’s been papped leaving a restaurant or as she works her magic on the red carpet, Gadot most certainly has style running through her veins. 

Clearly her model upbringing helps her take every opportunity to come across well in front of the lens and there are few Hollywood star’s more photogenic than Gal Gadot.


This young acting prodigy has packed a lot into her fledgling career and it’s easy to forget that Californian is still only 24-years-old. 

The American actress-singer has become something of a household name thanks to her performances in the Spiderman franchise and the musical The Greatest Show on Earth as well as her excellent portrayal of Rue Bennett in the excellent Euphoria.

Zendaya is now also a leading light in the fashion industry having become the face of Tommy Hilfiger and cosmetics giant Lancome. She has quickly become a style icon and has done a great service for glasses frames for women due to her ability to shine even brighter when spectacled.

Charlize Theron

Another model/actress with previous experience of walking the catwalk, this South African star is an accomplished performer with three Oscar nominations to her name, one of which led to a win thanks to her astonishing performance in Monster in 2004.

The long legged style queen is always well presented and it’s no surprise that she is very much a brand ambassador to a number of major fashion houses and labels.

She has previously fronted John Galliano, Dior and Breitling and is always attracting attention both on and off screen. Perhaps never more so than when sporting the hip Saint Laurent sunglasses in her big money hitwoman success Atomic Blonde, a look that has inspired countless copycats and fancy dress outfits.

Margot Robbie

This Australian actress has grown from bit-part performer to Hollywood A-lister over the course of the past decade and she’s also managed to significantly up her style game in the process.

Clearly Robbie is a stunningly attractive actor but she also knows how to win the style war that so many fail. The Wolf of Wall Street star is always careful to be perfectly stylish whenever she’s captured by the camera lense and that’s a talent that isn’t easily honed.

In 2016 she became a key part of Calvin Klein’s fashion range, in 2018 it was Chanel who were making the most of her icon-like status, and look. She is regularly named in ‘best dressed’ lists and her quirky attitude is one that has helped to secure a key reputation as a real trendsetter. 

There isn’t a moment she’s in front of the camera and not pulling off an effortless level of style. Whether that’s in a simple ensemble coupled with a form fitted dress for a top designer, paired off with idyllic oversized sunglasses to die for, or in a simple pair of mom-jeans and a nice pair of Gucci framed eyewear.

Clearly while the five acting megastars named above are all leading style figures it’s also important to note that they are all very much at the top end of their acting scale. All are award winners in their fields and a great deal of their successful style input comes from their own unique characters. 

These are icons not only in the style game but also of the silver screen. They are A-listers in every sense of the word.