Ooty Hill Station – Wonderful Place to Visit.

Ooty also called Ootacamund is known as the Queen of Hill Stations. It is reputed for its scenic splendor and is located in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The place attracts many thousands of visitors from across India. Located in Nilgiri Hills, it is at the height of 2200 meters above sea level and enjoys pleasant weather year round. The landscape is framed by lush tea plantations whose roots can be traced back to the era of the British Raj. Its lush surroundings attract honeymooners and nature lovers to its lap. With help of Oyo Rooms Offers find a place to stay in Ooty all through the year.

  1. Visit the Botanical Gardens – The Botanical Garden is a massive area on the slopes of the Doddabetta Peak filled with many varieties of trees from various parts of the world. The place draws people at all times, and they visit the 22-hectare garden built by the architect William Graham McIvor in 1847. There are numerous gardeners hard at work keeping the place in superb condition. Inside one can find an area known as Toda Hill which helps tourists learn about the history of the tribals who once lived in the region. The park is divided into several zones – Lower Garden, Italian Garden, New Gardens, etc. Flower shows are held throughout the year, and majestic blooms are on display. There is a minimum entry fee charged by the government.
  2. Go boating in Ooty Lake – The Ooty Lake is the central attraction of Ooty. It is quiet and serene with a gentle cool breeze wafting over its surface. It is an artificial lake that covers 6 hectares and surrounded on all sides by majestic Eucalyptus trees. Many different types of boats are available for hire and enjoying the lake from the water is a favorite activity of tourists. Regattas are organized in the month of May. Located about 23 km from Ooty, it is an ideal picnic spot.
  3. Doddabetta Peak – The Doddabetta Peak is the highest point in the Nilgiri Hills. It is situated about 9 km away from Ooty. It has to be included as part of any trip to Ooty. Climb to the top of this peak and rejoice the view of the surrounding forests and the green and verdant valley. It is an ideal location for travel photographers. There is a telescope at the top of Doddabetta Peak. It allows tourists to have a closer look at the surroundings. Doddabetta Peak also allows the opportunity for those who wish to hike along its many trails. Travel to Doddabetta Peak using Uber Offers.
  4. Strolling at the Rose Garden – The largest rose garden in India is located in Ooty. There are 20,000 sub-species of roses. The exuberant growth and sweet fragrance fill the air with magic that draws visitors from every corner of India. It is located at the heart of the hill station and is very well planned to make it easy to cover the garden in few hours of a slow stroll. If you live at center of Ooty using Oyo Room Coupon the rose garden will be very close.
  5. Pykara River and Falls – Located about 20 km from Ooty the Pykara River is sacred to the Toda people. They are tribals who were original inhabitants of the place. The origin of the Pykara River is at Mukurthi Peak. It first flows north and then at the edge of the Deccan Plateau turns westwards. There are two falls with a height of 55 – 62 meters near Ooty. There is a boathouse and restaurant for day trippers from Ooty who have used Uber Coupons to reach.
  6. Mukurthi National Park – Mukurthi National Park is situated to the south and east of Nilgiri Hills. There are mountain grasslands and many species of flora and fauna to see. The park sprawls over 79 square, and the main species which can be found are Nilgiri Tahr, barking deer, panther, elephant, and jackal.
    Visiting Ooty is one of the most essential of life experiences. The beauty of this hill station lies in its ethereal beauty and quiet surroundings. It is ideal for rest and solitude to recover from the rigors of city life.

Film Review “The Visit”

Starring: Olivia DeJonge, Ed Oxenbould, Deanna Dunagan and Peter McRobbie
Directed By: M. Night Shyamalan
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 94
Universal Pictures

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Has M. Night Shyamalan set the bar so low for his movies over the past decade that anything above mediocre is seen as good? That’s a legitimate question I had to ask myself after leaving “The Visit” because I was generally shocked. I couldn’t remember the last time I had left a Shyamalan movie with positive notes to tell. So now a new question must be asked. Has Shyamalan redeemed himself for a decade’s worth of awful movies? No. But “The Visit” is a good start on that road to absolution.

It’s a real trick these days to come up with a new way to tell a found footage movie and for it to make sense. Becca (DeJonge) has an interest in filmmaking and plans on making a documentary for her mom (Kathryn Hahn). The documentary being made by the aspiring teenage filmmaker involves herself and her young brother, Tyler (Oxenbould), visiting their never before seen grandparents. All she knows is what her mom tells her. Becca’s mom says when she first became pregnant with her, an untold incident happened and the family members parted ways, never to speak again. But unluckily for them, the grandparents reached out to them online and wanted to see the grandkids that they’ve never laid eyes on. Sappy documentary gold.

Despite her hesitance, Becca’s mom allows them to go spend the week at the ol’ farmstead. Everything seems normal enough with their grandparents, Nana (Dunagan) and Pop Pop (McRobbie). The elderly couple once had their own individual careers, but moved on from that. Now they take care of a farm and volunteer at the area hospital. Nana has a knack for baked goods and Pop Pop seems like an old fashioned man who keeps busy maintaining the rustic farm. It’s only until their imposed bedtime of 9:30 at night do things really take a turn.

As each day passes, more and more troubling signs crop up and they become more severe as the week goes on. What seems like simple “grandma and grandpa are old” problems slowly unravels into something far more disturbing. As anyone growing up and staying the weekend with their grandparents know, there’s always some weird things that we don’t get that our grandparents do. But when the kids find Nana naked clawing at the walls at the dead of night, these disturbing incidents begin to imply something more sinister.

What Shyamalan has finally done, after a lot of trial and errors, is abandoned the way too serious tone for an engaging mix of laughs and scares. Someone must have told him that one of the best ways to scare an audience is to lull them into a state of safety by making them laugh. Nearly every jump scare is sandwiched between jokes, and those jokes are hits or misses, but I’m more hits than not. Without that chuckle, our defenses aren’t dropped and we instead focus on some of the weaker qualities of the movie, which “The Visit” is not without.

What made Shyamalan such a household name after the “Sixth Sense” was his trademark twist, the ability to tug at the heart strings, jump scares, and Lifetime movie jokes. He’s brought all that back, but his heartfelt message gets lost in the mix and doesn’t land as well as it should. What really helps sell the terror is Dunagan and McRobbie. Both turn in spectacular performances as the borderline senile and sincere grandparents to the children who seem captive by choice. Bonus points are also given when your child actors aren’t nauseating to listen to or watch.

“The Visit” has perfectly blended comedy and horror, but it finds an even balance. It doesn’t take long for an audience to laugh at silly old Nana before clinching the arm rests when she tells Becca a story that could easily be an allegory for hiding bodies at the bottom of the lake near the home. It’s definitely an odd feeling to give a recommendation for a Shyamalan movie, especially when speaking in the present tense. The much joked about director has finally realized that maybe the best way to win an audience back over is to include them in on the joke.

Visit Dunkin’ Donuts 7/22 To Support Florida’s USO & “Captain America”

In support of tomorrow’s opening of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, Dunkin’ Donuts has partnered with the USO throughout Florida to support our troops at home and abroad.

At seven Dunkin’ Donuts locations throughout the state of Florida, fans are being encouraged to stop by their local store and sign a giant THANK YOU card in support of America’s troops. In exchange for signing the card, the first few hundred people will receive a special gift courtesy of Dunkin’ Donuts. At the end of the events, the cards will be shipped off to the Greater Jacksonville USO (Florida’s only USO) for distribution to the troops.

At select locations throughout the state, there will also be other special events taking place, like our very own CAPTAIN AMERICA stopping by the store to take photos with fans or the local National Guard bringing a some of their toys down and personally thanking everyone for their support.

Please see below all of the exact details throughout the state:
JACKSONVILLE (two locations) 7 to 10 a.m. – Free star shaped donuts per location to the first 100 who sign the USO card
– 2158 Mayport Rd., Atlantic Beach
– 5555 Roosevelt Blvd., Jacksonville

MIAMI – 10am to 1pm. – Free star shaped donut to first 250 to sign USO card
– 901 West State Road 84, Ft. Lauderdale

ORLANDO – (two locations) 7 to 10 a.m. – Free Dunkin Donuts/Captain America gift bags to first 200 and 100 star shaped donuts per location to those who sign the USO card
– 4510 W State Road 46, Sanford FL 32771 9009
– 1935 East Osceola Pkwy, Buena Ventura Lakes FL 34743

TAMPA – 7 to 10 a.m. – Free Star shaped donut to first 300 to sign the card
– 22722 State Road 54, Lutz, FL 33549

WEST PALM BEACH – 10am – 1pm. – Free Captain America Tri-Cups with the purchase of any beverage to the first 100 people, in addition to star shape donuts to the first 250 to sign the USO card
– 5401 N Military Trail Riviera Beach, FL