Product Review “Cracker Barrel: LED Village with Animated Tree”

I think it is official that Cracker Barrel is my official favorite store for Christmas decorations. I walked into the store while going for breakfast recently and came out with a list of outstanding products that became must-owns for our house. The LED Village with Animated Tree is easily the most impressive of the bunch. I love any Christmas decoration that is animated and plays music. This one does both and is just amazing to watch. Let’s just say I have a lot of jealous family members ever since we added this to our collection.

Official Product Description: Bring wonder and joy to your home with our 12.75″ LED Christmas Village with Animated Tree. Santa greets a youngster on the streets below a magnificent, animated Christmas tree, while smatterings of snow create the perfect touches to this beautiful Christmas scene. This tabletop Christmas decoration is an excellent addition to any Christmas village collection, and makes a great gift for anyone who loves the Christmas season.

This decoration is quite large and definitely stands as a solid centerpiece for your collection. The lights are beautiful and very bright. The tree in the middle is lit and also spins. There is a lot going on here when this bad boy is plugged in and I found myself just staring at how beautiful it is. The music is my favorite and it extremely clear and nice and loud (but not too loud). This also comes with an AC adapter in order to power it up. I love this village and this will get a great spot on our shelf this Christmas season and many more to come after that.

Theatre Review “The Accomplice: The Village” New York City

I glance up and down the street surreptitiously, hoping that we haven’t been followed. My group is huddled behind me; they’re counting on me. Taking a deep breath, I duck inside the storefront and grab the hairspray bottle, before sprinting back outside to the rest of the group. We quickly walk the rest of the way down the road, trying our best to blend in with the NYC crowd.

I think I may have just gotten away with it.

My heist isn’t actually a heist at all, of course. It’s part of Accomplice: The Village- a show that is part theatre and part game; a bit of drama and a bit of spy-thriller; a walking tour and an escapade into the interactive theatre genre.

The day started out normally enough. I met up with a group of people in the West Village at a pre-determined destination that was told to me only one day prior. The group was a nice mix of local New York residents and tourists, and our tour guide began leading us through the streets, pointing out landmarks as we went along. Soon though, our placid tour group was involved in an epic mystery, with us needing to solve clues to get to the next step. Suddenly, we had a mission and a lively cast of characters (played by talented actors), answering our questions and perpetuating the story. Somehow, we had become accomplices.

The Accomplice operates two shows out of New York City- The Village, which runs through Greenwich Village, and New York, which runs through the downtown area. The show is currently in its ninth season and is the creation of Betsy and Tom Salamon. It runs approximately two and a half hours, and during that time participants will mostly be walking. Groups are limited to ten people, and the show operates rain or shine, running from late March to early November. Tickets are $65 and include drinks.


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