4 Things You Need To Know About New Recreational Marijuana Trends In 2019

The cannabis industry is growing. In fact, many states have legalized cannabis and its bi-products because lawmakers have begun to understand its importance. Many are using it for medical or recreational reasons. However, due to the controversy that follows the substance, many more states are still deliberating on the issue. As a result, the cannabis business is booming, with companies innovating products from cannabis.

1) More Women Using Weed

Unlike in the previous years, the percentage of women taking marijuana is increasing rapidly. Research and countries legalizing cannabis have contributed to the increase. With companies like Badass Glass online headshop, smoking has become more fun. They have a variety of beautiful glassware like bongs and glass rigs that make smoking more comfortable. Unlike the traditional way of smoking, when using products like car carp, you look more elegant and fashionable. It is enticing for many people to try a new experience. Women understand the importance of CBD products and health effects. They are also buying the beauty products made up of the CBD. More women will start using weed.

2) Building Beverages Boom

As countries continue to legalize marijuana, there is quite some research on cannabis beverages. Some companies are using THC since it can dissolve easily in alcohol. Some are also trying it in other drinks like juice and soda. Last year the product was launched in the MJBIz conference. It was meant to allow people to use cannabis when taking the usual beverages. People are looking forward to having a new experience with cannabis. Currently, people smoke bhang, but soon, people will have more options. They will either smoke or use cannabis drinking. Because of the health benefits, many people might prefer cannabis beverage. They will take a break from caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. The alcohol companies have an interest in cannabis. It is likely to outdo the alcohol business with the invention of cannabis liquid.

3) Use of CBD Product

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. You can get the CBD chemical compound in marijuana. Unlike in the past, many companies are making products from CBD. Do not be shocked if you buy some chocolate and gums made from CBD. Companies are also using it to make beauty products such as creams, bathing soaps, and oil. Some use it in beverages such as coffee and beer. It is also used to treat some pets. The significant benefits of using CBD in products are the management of anxiety, depression, and pain. It helps to lessen the tension in the people who have schizophrenia or psychosis. It is also useful in the treatment of epilepsy. It is used in beauty products since it can heal acne.

4) Products That Target the Outcome

For so long, many countries have illegalized cannabis for long. Despite that, so many people are flocking in dispensaries seeking for cannabis products. Many people expect the youths to be the only people using weed. Currently, the old and most especially the women are the primary customers. Due to the increasing demand, marketers are busy looking for products that will give a specific sensation. The cannabis industry will continue growing as the sectors continue making more cannabis products.

New Trends: 4 Innovative Drum Accessories Must-Have

Without the right equipment and proper assembly, drumming can suck for both the drummer and their audience. Whether you’re in the practice room, the recording studio or in a live performance, having the right tools and equipment in your arsenal will make your practice, recording or performance a great deal of fun. However, having the basic hardware with a kit, a set of cymbals, some drumsticks, and some hearing protection may not be enough for a great experience, especially for the novice and nearly seasoned pro.

As we advance in technology, a lot of resourceful drumming accessories have been produced over the past few years. Some of these accessories have become huge trends in the world of drumming today and professional drummers can no longer approach their performances and practice sessions without them.

Read more about these new trends below on the 4 innovative drum accessories drummers must have.

1. A double bass drum pedal

As you may have noted from the best drumming review sites such as Begin Your Drumming, most modern high-quality drum kits come with this accessory included in the package. Especially for drummers who are more into heavy music, a double bass pedal is an accessory that shouldn’t miss in your arsenal, especially when going for a live performance. The double bass pedal eliminates the need to have two bass drums in your kit setup.

It allows you to hit the bass drum from either foot, thus allowing you to add power to your music without straining too much. It also allows you to play rudiments that can hardly be achieved when using a single pedal. Nonetheless, double bass pedals come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and qualities depending on the brand and manufacturer. Additionally, not all double bass pedals may be compatible with your current drum kit or bass drum.

2. Drummer metronome

Any intermediate or professional drummer, especially for those who play in a band will tell you just how important timing is in the art of drumming. A metronome is a device that allows you to stay up to speed. In layman terms, you can also refer to it as a timekeeper for drummers. A metronome allows you to stay on time not only during performances but also when practicing to perfect your drumming skills. The device plays a click track at a certain BPM or tempo (preset by the drummer), which helps you to keep pace and not go off-beat. Metronomes come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and sizes, meaning that it is highly important to conduct research on some of the best drumming metronomes before investing in one.

3. Drummer headphones

Drumming headphones are another highly resourceful accessory in the art. They allow you to hear yourself play the drums as you protect your ears from the loudness. They come in a wide variety of options, including in-ear and full-size headphones, as well as earbuds. Some of them come with highly advanced features such as noise cancelling, impedance, comfortable fit, and high-quality sound.

4. Bass drum microphone

Yes, you can actually use a microphone when drumming without moving your lips. A drumming bass mic can come in handy when you need to amplify your bass drum sound for more thickness and texture.

With a double bass pedal, a drum mic, a metronome, and a quality set of drumming headphones added to your drumming arsenal, there’s literally nothing stopping you from making great music or practicing to do so. Other seemingly resourceful accessories to consider include drum bags, stick holders, cymbal locks, and drum rags.


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Upcoming Trends on Mobile Casino in 2017

Mobile technology has immensely grown in the recent years. Every year we have seen mobile technology getting better and better. The mobile casino industry is going hand in hand with the mobile companies and there would be some outstanding trends likely to come in the mobile casino segment.

Mobile gaming will surely exceed desktop gaming very soon thanks to the accessibility and convenience of mobile devices. With the internet now more accessible than ever, the mobile industry is booming. In 2016, one of the major market changes was the addition of mobile platforms to existing online casinos catering for players on the move. This concept has only grown in 2017, with almost all of the top online casinos boasting a mobile platform, while some are in the process of doing so or have plans for the near future. Mobile gaming is, by far, the most lucrative advancement in online gaming, and while it may not be as much of a trend as a way forward, many online casinos have realized its value and applied it to their products. Mobile gaming is still a growing technology, and you can expect different experiences depending on your chosen casino games on your mobile phone. That being said, with technology growing at a rapid rate, all players can expect smooth and seamless mobile gaming from almost every online casino in no time.

Log in From Your Mobile Browsers Using the Desktop Login Details

With the invention of latest technology, the online casinos are also seeing a change in their trends. A player now can log into the mobile browsers by using the same login details used during registration on a desktop.

This hassle free option avoids the process of re-registering and then adding all the bank account details. You can skip the registration process on your mobiles and straightaway login into your casino account.

Android or Apple Mobile Casino Apps

As the mobile industry is growing, every day many updates keep coming in the Smartphone segment. Each time a new update comes, it surpasses the previous version. Many casinos have exclusive poker and slot games available as apps on Android and iOS stores. There are still many games that are exclusively available only on the casino’s online websites while some casinos have launched their mobile apps.

Inclusion of More Casino and Slot Games That Are Compatible with Mobile Devices

A lot many casino and slot games are introduced to cater to the needs of the mobile users. There are many games created only for the Android and iPhone mobile spaces. This means that there are slot and casino games slowly becoming easily accessible from your mobile browsers.

There are two separate lobbies for desktops and mobiles. The games differ from each other the games offered at the online desktops may or may not be available on the mobile platforms. The best part of the online casinos is that once you have registered on a desktop you can straightaway access the games on a mobile device.

Faster Withdrawals and Deposits

Every casino player plays with the intention of winning the money and getting entertainment. In such a case, the player needs to have faster access to deposits and withdrawals while using mobile devices. There are many payment techniques such as Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and many others, which ensure faster banking transactions are carried out at the convenience of your mobile phones.

No Need of Software Download- Instant Play

The online casinos have designed something called as instant games. These games include online slots, poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat. These games do not require any software to download. Once you are a registered player you are good to go. Just select your favourite table or slot game and simply start the action.

Final Thoughts

The invasion of the mobile technology has tremendously affected the online mobile casinos. There are many slot games and casino games that are compatible with Windows, Android, Blackberry or iPhone mobile devices. Some of the renowned online casinos give magnificent welcome bonus offers on joining their casinos.