CD Review: Myrath “Tales of the Sands”

“Tales of the Sands”
Nightmare Records
Producer: Kevin Kodfert
Tracks: 11

Our Score:  3.5 out of 5 stars

“Tales of the Sands” is the follow up album to Myrath’s 2010 release “Desert Call”. The North American release of “Tales of Sands” features 11 new tracks that were produced by Kevin Kodfert. The album is being released via Nightmare Records and continues to break new ground in what listeners have dubbed “Oriental Metal”.

“Tales of the Sands” features a variety on non traditional instrumentation that makes each of the 11 tracks quite interesting to listen to. Zaher Zorgatti’s vocals reminded me of a young Dave Draimen. With all the layers of instrumentation it was hard at times to decide what parts of the tracks I really wanted to listen to. This however was not a bad thing as producer Kevin Kodfert did a spectacular job as did Frederik Nordstrom who mixed the album. Each song in my opinion was crafted to showcase each instrument. Being of fan of melodic metal music “Tales of the Sands” has definitely made me a fan of Myrath. Songs such as “Dawn Within”, “Apostrophe for a Legend” and the album’s title track “Tales of the Sands” were tremendous pieces of work.

Myrath’s “Tales of the Sands” I felt was a really great album! Though the songs might be a little too involved to garner the attention of fans outside of the genre “Tales of the Sands” is still a great album that is definitely worth checking out.

Track Listing:
1.)    Under Siege
2.)    Breaking the Seas
3.)    Merciless Times
4.)    Tales of the Sands
5.)    Sour Sigh
6.)    Dawn Within
7.)    Wide Shut
8.)    Requiem for a Goodbye
9.)    Beyond the Stars
10.)  Time to Grow
11.)  Apostrophe for a Legend (Bonus Track- North America Only)