Rezzi talks about plans to take over the rap world in 2014

Rezzi is a 16-year-old rap prodigy out of Canada that is being called the next Drake. Media Mikes had a chance to chat music with Rezzi and find out about his upcoming album.

Adam Lawton: What was it that initially sparked your interest in music and performing?
Rezzi: Honestly, it was seeing my idols who I looked up to do it with themselves. Initially it was those like 50 Cent and Eminem. It grew into an array of artists I admire, I see their positive influence they can have on the masses. I decided to take that same path.

AL: How do you personally describe your sound?
Rezzi: I describe my sound as taboo. There is no black and white to my sound, I can’t say I sound like him/her, or this/that etc. I personally feel like there isn’t really any other person who will have my style spot on, in my generation at least.

AL: You released the song “Home of the Brave” in the fall of last year. Do you have plans/are you currently working on new material such as a full length release?
Rezzi: I am actually. I’m working on my tape coming out soon called the “Wall of Words” which is surely something everyone should be looking out for this year!

AL: How has coming from Toronto (a place normally not associated with rap music) shaped your style and career?
Rezzi: It makes you more hungry, in a sense. Toronto isn’t known to be a capital of Rap, as mentioned earlier. Though with that, you get a Rap that is much more heartfelt, if anything Toronto is the place to be for music that puts you in a zone.

AL: You have been featured on as an advocate against bullying. How did you become involved with that program and what is it about the issue of bullying that you want people to know about or be aware of?
Rezzi: I became involved myself over connection. But what I want people to know about bullying is that it’s something that can impact a life more then what most may think. Being someone who experienced that first hand I can still say I remember those moments like it was yesterday. That shouldn’t be something anyone should go through as a result of segregation or being a puppet of entertainment.

AL: Other plans or projects coming in 2014 that you would like to mention?
Rezzi: A lot of new stuff of mine will be coming into this year and just good progress along with the release of the “Wall Of Words”! Everything else is a surprise behind curtains! Other then that, thank you and thanks to all my fans for their support!