Book Review “Dinosaur Art: The World’s Greatest Paleoart”

Edited by: Steve White
Foreword: Philip J. Currie
Introduction: Scott D. Sampson
Hardcover: 188 pages
Publisher: Titan Books
Release Date: September 4, 2012

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Growing up as a kid, dinosaurs have always thrilled me whether it is in pictures or movies. But there is something about looking through an paleoartist illustration of these creatures that is so breathtaking. This book is an awesome collection of work from various different paleoartist who specialize in blending science and art in order to reconstruct these ancient animals and their lost world. Edited together very well by Steve White, this book included illustrations and artwork from top of the top contemportary paleoartists. This is a must for all fans of dinosaurs.

I will give a break down of the artists in this book.  Mauricio Anton, Raúl Martin and Robert Nicholls are all known best for through work which has been exhibited all around the world  and in museums worldwide. John Conway has worked on various projects for the Discovery Channel and the American Museum of Natural History.  Julius Csotonyi has also worked with numerous museum exhibits, as well as National Geographic. Douglas Henderson was actually in the film “Jurassic Park” as ‘Dinosaur Specialist’.  Gregory S. Paul has also worked with the  filmmakers of Jurassic Park and several other TV series. He also has renamed several dinosaurs from working in the field. Todd Marshall is best known for collaborating with paleontologist, Paul Serono.  Luis Rey is the illustrator of “Dinosaurs: The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Encyclopedia for Dinosaur Lovers of All Ages.” Lastly John Sibbick has been illustrating dinosaurs for 30 years.

“Dinosaur Art: The World’s Greatest Paleoart” is filled with some truly amazing artwork, some of which have never before seen.  The illustrations range from digital to black and white drawings.  We get a really broad range of different artwork, especially since it is from so many different artists.  The art is also not limited to limited to just dinosaurs, there are also many other prehistoric mammals included. Note: be sure to take a peek behind the dust jacket for an amazing image of two silver dinosaur skeletons. Overall this book is highly recommended and another gem from Titan Books.

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