CD Review: Warm Ghost “Narrows”

Warm Ghost
Partisan Records
Producer: Abe Seiferth
Tracks: 9

Our Score: 2 out of 5 stars

Warm Ghost are a two piece Brooklyn, NY group made up of Oliver Chapoy and Paul Duncan. Together the two fuse the sounds of Experimental Pop and something they call Psychedelic John Hughes. “Narrows” is the duo first release which is being released via Partisan Records on September 27th.

“Narrows” is an interesting blend of stylistic synth blends and slow droning vocals which are then combined together making up the 9 tracks found on Warm Ghost’s debut release. At times the group has somewhat of a Modest Mouse sound however it is a little less accesable to the casual listener. The band describes their sound as Psychedelic John Hughes and rightfully so. Tracks like “I Will Return” and “Inside Out” almost sound as though they came right out of one of Hughes movies however with a few updated touches. I was a fan of the track “Myths on Rotting Ships”. With such an interesting I was instantly drawn to it. The song is full of some really cool and interesting sound layers which makes it enjoyable to listen to.

Warm Ghost’s debut release “Narrows” may not be something you can listen to all the time or if you are a casual experimental music listen as it might be a little too much. However for those seasoned listeners and fans of the genre you may enjoy this release.

Track Listing:
1.) G.T.W.S.
2.) I Will Return
3.) Once One
4.) Myths on Rotting Ships
5.) Ply7
6.) Inside and Out
7.) Mariana
8.) Splay of Road
9.) An Absolute Light