CD Review: Close to Home “Momentum”

Close to Home
Artery Recordings
Producer: Andrew Wade
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

“Momentum” is the 3rd and latest release from the Cincinnati Ohio based band Close to Home. For those unfamiliar with the post-hardcore group consisting of Josh Wells, Andrew DeNeef, JJ Cooper and Travis Hartman the group has been around since 2005 when it was formed by Josh and Justin Wells. Early on in its career the group was dealt a vicious blow when it lost original bassist Brad Andress to cancer in 2006. The band has since rebounded and their newest album “Momentum” is surely the bands strongest effort to date. The album is being released via Artery Records and features 11 in your face tracks produced by Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember)

Energy and intensity is what you find on the latest Close to Home album “Momentum. From start to finish the band keeps its listeners attention through all 11 tracks. From catchy pop styled choruses to gruff screamo vocals it’s hard not to become wrapped up in this album. Tracks such as “Don’t Waste Your Breath”, “Family Ties” which features guest vocals from We Came As Romans Kyle Pavone and Dave Stephens and “Sleepless in Cincinnati” are beautifully crafted works that showcase each of the member’s talents.

When a band switches lead singers it can go one of two ways. Either it works out great or it totally flops. In the case of Andrew DeNeef taking over for Nick Stein it worked perfectly. The band sounds stronger than ever and should be extremely proud of what they have created as the album lush and full of life. If you are a fan of bands such as A Day to Remember, Of Mice of Men and other groups in the post-hardcore genre you will surely want to check out Close to Home’s and their latest release “Momentum”.

Track Listing:
1.) Make it Count
2.) Don’t Waste Your Breath
3.) Pirates Belong at Sea
4.) Hanging Onto Nothing
5.) Family Ties
6.) Backstabbers Need Not Apply
7.) Sleepless in Cincinnati
8.) Young & Stupid
9.) Fake It Til You Make It
10.) Modern Warfare
11.) Nights like Tonight