Waylon Reavis discusses his new band A Killers Confession

Former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis has returned with an exciting new band, A Killer’s Confession. Never being afraid to speak his mind or shy away from certain topics Reavis and company come out swinging with their debut release titled “Unbroken”. Media Mikes caught up with the singer recently to discuss the new album prior to the bands performance in Syracuse, NY.

Ryan Albro: How did A Killer’s Confession come together?

Waylon Reavis: Last year, I told everybody I wanted to sing on other band’s albums. What people didn’t realize was is I was actually scouting for talent. I had started working on some things and got to the absolute last track I was going to record from a Dark Lit Sky. It’s called A Killer’s Confession. This is the song Brian “Head” Welch from Korn ended up playing on. I had said to Brian if I could make this into a band would you produce it. Brian said he didn’t have the gift of producing but he’d play on it. In my mind I said, “that’ll work!” That was what told me this was the band. I’ve got the best group possible. I love this band. I’ve known JP since Three Quarters Dead. He was my first bass player. The bass player I have now was my bass player since day one. I can’t love those guys enough.

RA: What inspired you to blend so many styles of music into your own music?

WR: A lot of bad shit has happened to us. A lot of people are trying to stop the band from happening, but I don’t think you can. A.K.C. is doing it’s own thing. We are not really against any band, my former band included. Some people might see it otherwise, but we’re not here to cause drama. We’re here to just be a band. The fans are speaking for themselves. We’re not out here begging for nothing and you either like us or you don’t. People like what we’re doing because we’re bringing back Nu-Metal with elements of new school. We took everything we loved from the 90’s and then everything we love in modern music and put that stuff together. We want to take every genre and put it together to make a brand new sound. Taking aspects of say Math Metal and Thrash Metal and combining it to create a cohesive metal band. I’ve always been a chameleon with my vocal style. Everyone knows what I sound like when I’m singing, but I also can do a lot of other styles. Metal has branched off to so many different sub-genres; it’s time for a band to bring those all together. It’s great to have Korn’s stamp of approval on us, but that’s not enough. We want to go out there and do it like Korn did back in the day and speak our message. We want to speak against social media and inspire people to be more of an individual. We’re going to push all boundaries. We’re not afraid to say what’s on our minds. We’re going to teach people how to be tough. If you lose, you need to learn and come back even stronger. America’s divided right now. We’re a multi-racial band. We’re against anything separating people, race, and gender. We love everyone but we want people to understand that we have message. We want people to be tough Americans again.

RA: What inspires the raw energy in your music?

WR: My songs are reality; they’re what plague me from day to day. For example, the song “1080p” is about my problem with social media. A Killer’s Confession is about me and my other personality. That is the battle of Ying and Yang. That song is about those conversations and battles that you have with yourselves. These issues come to the forefront in my writing. These are real emotions on this album. My mother always told me that strength lies in the dark. If you’re shoved into the dark learn and become stronger from it and that’s what I’ve done for the last year.

RA: What drives you to put on such a great live performance?

WR: I love the fans. I understand what it’s like to go out there and work 9-5 for nothing, just to pay your bills. You give me an hour out of your life to take that away. I owe it to you to take that burden off of you. I have to, you made my dreams come true.

RA: What can we expect coming next from the band?

WR: We have started writing for a new and we have some more tours coming up. You’re going to see a lot of A Killer’s Confession. We’re putting out an album in 2018 and after that, an album a year for the next ten years. We’re going to do ten albums, ending in 2027. We’re also going to have a new live show coming that’s something nobody else has ever done before.

For more info on A Killers Confession head over to www.akillersconfession.com

Blu-ray Review “Killer’s Moon”

Directed by: Alan Birkinshaw
Starring: Anthony Forrest, Tom Marshall, David Jackson, Hilda Braid
Distributed by: Kino Lorber/Redemption
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Release Date: March 13, 2012
Running Time: 90 minutes

Film: 2 out of 5 stars
Extras: 2.5 out of 5 stars

This film reminds me of a poor combination of “A Clockwork Orange” and “I Spit On Your Grave”. They film was banned in the UK with a X-rating back in the day due to its rape and gore scenes but in comparison to today’s films they are tame. The story is also tame and has no direction causing the film to drag on for its short 90 minutes. It doesn’t really get a chance to take off and therefore falls flat quickly.

The film follows a group of school girls that become stranded in the woods and looking for a place to spend the night, they are unaware that they are actually in a lot of danger. There are being stalked by four mental patients, who escaped from their clinic and to make it worse are also being used as medical experiments. They are stuck in a dream-like state and believe that there is no consequence to their actions.

The remaster is from the original 35mm negatives. It looks good with its high def upgrade but not overall impressive. The audio is like the video nothing really impressive boasting an uncompressed LPCM 2.0 track. Redemption is usually know for their impressive remastered editions but this one really doesn’t cry out amazing.

The special features are not really great either besides the audio commentary track. It features James Blackford from Redemption chatting with director Alan Birkinshaw and actress Joanna Good about the film and their recollections. Besides that there are two trailers that are in HD and photo gallery also in HD. Then there is two separate interviews with the director Alan Birkinshaw and actress Joanna Good. They are only in standard definition and run about 12-15 minutes each. Even those the features aren’t packed it is much better than the last few releases from Redemption like “Virgin Witch” and “Hills Have Eyes: Part 2”, which had none.