Hookup Geek Film Review “Hotel Mumbai”

November 26 – 29, 2008 India experienced several of the most dramatic days in its history – the attack of the terrorist organization “Lashkar-e-Tayyiba” on Mumbai. The objectives were Victoria Station, the Oberoi Hotel, the police station, and the culmination was hostage drama at the Taj Mahal Hotel. These events became the basis of the thriller “Hotel Mumbai” directed by Anthony Maras.

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The plot

On November 26th a group of young people on boats are ferried to India. Their goal is to die, but to die by performing jihad – and “to avenge the poverty and misery that the infidels doomed them to.” One group attacks the station, the second – a cafe, and eventually a wave of chaos carries them into the luxury Taj Mahal hotel. The plot gathers other heroes – waiter Arzhun, chef Hemant Oberoi, rich architect David Duncan with wife, Russian oligarch Vasiliy Archevskiy and other guests.

The first impression

The film is watched smoothly from the very beginning: the authors were able to show the “brilliance and poverty of India”, walking side by side. The waiter Arzhun comes to work from a poor apartment in a glittering luxury hotel, the terrorists jump in good suits to the shore of a dirty Ganges to begin their mission in the name of a fanatical idea.

Actually, the drama of the characters here does not set off the real facts of the assault, when special forces from Delhi had to wait all day, the red-hot drama of the fight – which is transmitted through excellent camera work and sound. It was almost impossible for the authors to show them human, to reveal the motives of even armed fanatics, as is usual in Hollywood movies. Also in this movie, there is no traditional image of a superhero – the hero is everyone who has shown restraint and the ability to support others. This movie has short inserts also used in a real documentary.

The characters

The characters are quite diverse – from the terrorists, who are shown more likely to be victims of fanaticism and their general social situation, to characters that change during the film. As an example, the Russian businessman Vasiliy Archevskiy, performed by Jason Isaacs, cynically sorting out the cards of elite “call girls” in a restaurant, and use his knowledge of psychology to return the self-control to the survivals. The waiter Arzhun, also appears from the unexpected side organizing a departure of the guests to the safe place.


Almost the only complaint to this film is the fact that the artistic performance will never accurately convey the drama of real people, but in terms of the intensity, “Hotel Mumbai” perfectly conveys those red-hot and dramatic events that took the lives of 175 people.


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Interview with Kim Evey

Kim Evey has produced five seasons of Felicia Day’s hit series “The Guild” as well as “Dragon Age: Redemption”. Kim is working with Felicia Day on this latest project called “Geek and Sundry”, which is a premium YouTube channel that is going to include six new original series. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Kim about create this channel and what we can expect.

Mike Gencarelli: You’ve worked with Felicia Day now on “The Guild” and “Dragon Age”, tell us about your latest project: “Geek and Sundry”?
Kim Evey: It is a YouTube Premium video channel, which is set to premiere on April 2, 2012. It is going to include six new original series. We have been working really hard and are really excited for its launch.

MG: Tell us about the lineup of six new original series premiering on “Geek and Sundry”?
KE: Felicia Day is doing a new vlog show called “The Flog”, which is airs every Monday. It is like a basic vlog where she checks out quirky hobbies and just shares her experiences with her fans. Since it is on premium channel, Felicia wanted to take it one step further. She actually has been filming this little adventures which she has been filming the last few months. On Tuesdays, we are airing season 5 of “The Guild”, which has never been aired on YouTube. In part with that every Thursday there will be a behind the scenes look at that week’s episode as well. Next there is Dark Horse Motion Comics, which airs every Wednesday. Basically that is a series where our favorite comics are brought to life by some amazing artists. There is also some new content from Dark Horse as well that they wanted to include. Every other Friday, we have a show with Wil Wheton called “TableTop”. It is a really cool idea where he will invite other geeks, TV talent and YouTube personalities to play various tabletop games with him. Think “Celebrity Poker” meets “Dinner for Five”. It is a really cool idea because if you are a fan of the games, you would be most likely a fan of the people on the show also. It also gives people that do not play these games a look into them and gets a chance see how the rules are setup. On the other rotating Friday, there will be a show called “Sword & Laser”, which is already a podcast but is going to be a show hosted by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt. It will focus on science fiction and fantasy books with reviews and author interviews. They are hoping to setup a book of month part of the show also. I am also working on a show myself called “Written by a Kid”, where we get real kids ages 4-9 to submit stories and they have them animated or made live-action. It is really cool and will be premiering on July 18th. Lastly we have a show premiering in the Fall called “Learning Town”, which will feature the nerd music duo Paul & Storm.

MG: “Geek and Sundry” looks to be the ultimate channel for geeks, what is the hardest task in developing this YouTube channel?
KE: I think the hardest part is just getting it all done. We have all the different aspects of this channel and we just want to get it out there to the fans. We are really trying the best possible content to the channel and please our fan base.

MG: Besides YouTube channel, “Geek and Sundry” also has a great website for fans to interactive, tell us about that?
KE: We just want people to feel like they are part of the show. We want them to be as interactive with the fans as Felicia is. That is why “The Guild” has been so successful is because Felicia as been in touch with her fans on the show. I just want to give a shout out to our designer, Luisa Lie, she designed our logo and the website. She is fresh out of school and loves coding. She has really been amazing.

MG: When can we expect new seasons of both “The Guild”?
KE: Right now we are still negotiating if season six is going to happen for “The Guild”. Right now [laughs], we are just trying to get back next week and this launch.

Click here to visit the website for “Geek and Sundry”


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Her Universe Founder Ashley Eckstein Brings Geek Chic to Dragon*Con


ATLANTA, GA, August 23, 2011 – Almost half of all sci fi fans (and Dragon*Con attendees) are women, and they’re just as eager as the guys to show their devotion to their favorites. Actress and entrepreneur Ashley Eckstein, who provides the voice of Ahsoka Tano in the hit animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, has met the challenge with her new ?geek chic clothing line, Her Universe (www.heruniverse.com). Ashley will be offering her new line of female-focused apparel and accessories (including Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica convention exclusives), and meet the fans, at this year’s Dragon*Con.

Married to former Major League Baseball player, two-time World Series Champion and World Series MVP, David Eckstein, Ashley grew frustrated with the lack of merchandise made for the growing number of female Sci-Fi fans. When she couldn’t find Star Wars clothing for herself, as a fan, she made the decision to create her own line called Her Universe. As someone who always expressed herself through her sense of style, she now shares her love of all things Sci-Fi with other geek girls. Ashley has made it her mission in fighting for the underdog, of spearheading the call to create a place for female fans in a pop culture community typically dominated by men. Her stylish line of geek chic apparel and accessories features fashionable, female-focused products from such powerhouses as the Star Wars brand, and Syfy properties Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13 and ?Syfy’s Original Movies, among others. It may be a “man’s world,” but Ashley is quickly proving that there’s more than enough room in Her Universe for everyone.

Dragon*Con is the largest fan-driven science fiction, fantasy and pop culture convention in North America. Celebrating its 25th year, Dragon*Con brings over 40,000 fans to downtown Atlanta each Labor Day weekend to enjoy appearances by celebrity guests, musical performances, panel discussions, costume contests, and more.