DVD Review “Frosty’s Winter Wonderland”

Narrated by: Andy Griffith
Starring: Jackie Vernon, Shelley Winters, Dennis Day, Paul Frees
Studio: Warner Home Video
Running Time: 25 minutes

Overall Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I think that the Rankin-Bass Christmas specials are honestly the best. The only special that has come close recently is Disney’s “Prep and Landing”. This film is the sequel to the 1969 special “Frosty the Snowman”. I hold the original very high as on of my favorites and this one is fun and cute but doesn’t compare. At least we get the return of Jackie Vernon voicing Frosty the Snowman. In this sequel, Frosty gets a girlfriend and also an enemy, Jack Frost. The DVD is clear and the sound is decent especially for DVD but I wish they transferred this on to Blu-ray and included more extras.

The only special feature is called “Fun Filled Look At The History Of Snowmen And The Birth Of Frosty”. It is a decent feature but the same goes for the recently released “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”, no idea why they are being pitched as “deluxe edition”. They are far from deluxe and at least “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” was transferred to Blu-ray. For the last DVD release of this film in 2003, it was paired with the “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”. So you might be better picking up that edition rather than this one if you are looking for best value.

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Synopsis: From beloved song to animated holiday classic: Frosty meets his match in a glistening Remastered Deluxe Edition! Andy Griffith, Shelley Winters and Jackie Vernon lend their voices to this captivating cartoon about the Snowman’s winter return to the children of a small town for a winter season of fun and games. But he?s lonely at night when left by himself. So the grateful kids build him a beautiful snowlady companion. Jealous of the attention given Frosty, Jack Frost blows up a blizzard and swipes Frosty’s magical, life-giving hat. Only true love can bring Frosty back to his old fun-loving self. Two songs that have proven to be enduring seasonal favorites highlight the soundtrack: Frosty the Snowman and Winter Wonderland.