Interview with Sean Patrick Flanery

Sean Patrick Flanery is known best for his role of Connor MacManus in “The Boondock Saints” series.  Sean starred last year in “Saw 3D: The Final Chapter” and also the recently released “InSight”.  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Sean about his new film “insight” and his reflection the “The Boondock Saints” craze.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us about how you became involved with your latest film “InSight”?
Sean Patrick Flanery: Richard Gabai, the director sent me the script. I liked it and that was pretty much all she wrote. I mean it was good script. I liked him and we decided to go forward with it.

MG: How do you prepare for a role once you come on board a film?
SPF: It depends on the film really. Somethings are so perfectly written that all your preparation is set for you. I am the least method cat you will ever meet. My preparation takes place between the title page and fade out. I am not one of those cats that believe that I have to go live in gutter for a week to play a homeless man. I do not believe that, nope. Unless you are in a situation where you are playing an equestrian, then obviously you will need to be able to ride a horse…so specific things like that. For character works, I think all the information is provided in the script itself.

MG: You seemed to have good chemistry on screen with Natalie Zea, how was it working with her?
SPF: It was cool. She is a real sweetheart. She is a professional and very talented. I had a good time.

MG: Tell us about the production, where was it shot?
SPF: We shot it in L.A. but it was in some weird parts man. We shot in part of L.A. that literally you have no idea that you are in L.A. Some places I didn’t even know existed man [laughs]. It was cool as far as that goes.

MG: I hear it was shot in only 16 days was that rushed at all for you?
SPF: Yeah it was 16 day shoot. If everyone comes to work prepared than that is ample time to shoot a film. Barring any weird special effects shots or crowd scenes of a thousand, that is plenty of time to shoot a material character driven film.

MG: You recently went back to “The Young and the Restless”, do you enjoy working on soaps and switching it up?
SPF: I enjoy switching it up like that. It was a medium I had never explored before. It is a different kind of break.

MG: Can you reflect on the fans reactions and supports to “The Boondock Saints” series?
SPF: I’m truly in awe of their support. Having said that, I would be a fan myself
had I not been it the film as it suits my sensibilities.

MG: How was it returning to play Connor MacManus in “The Boondock Saints II: All
Saints Day”? Any plans for a another installment?
SPF: We didn’t miss a beat & it was great to be back filming with good friends. I hope so. They are a ball to make.

MG: How did you get involved with working on “Saw 3D: The Final Chapter” and was it a difficult shoot?
SPF: I read the script and really liked the character. It was no more so than any other stunts I have done. It went fairly smoothly.

MG: Tell us about working with director on “Scavengers” and “Mission Park”?
SPF: Working with Travis Zariwny was killer man…really killer. I had a great time working with that guy on that film. “Mission Park” just wrapped this week. My part was already completed. It was killer, I really had a wonderful time on that film also.