CD Review: Fallon Bowman “Human Conditional”

Fallon Bowman
“Human Conditional”
Social Unrest Records
Producer: Justin Johnson
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

“Human Conditional” is the first solo release by founding Kittie vocalist/guitarist Fallon Bowman. The album features 11 new tracks that cover a variety of musical genres. “Human Conditional was produced by Justin Johnson and is being released via Bowman’s own record label Social Unrest Records. The band consists of Fallon Bowman on Guitar/Vocals, Josiah Sherman- Keys, Keith Lowe- Bass, Brian Oaks- Guitars and Justin Johnson- drums, keys and back ground vocals. “Human Conditional” is the follow up release to Bowman’s previous band Amphibious Assault’s 2007 album “On Better Days and Sin-Eating”.

I was very surprised upon listening to “Human Conditional”. Until now I always had the picture of Fallon sporting bright pink/red hair screaming lyrics to songs like “Brackish”. However “Human Conditional” showed a side of Fallon that until now I don’t think I or many others had seen before. Songs like “Force Me Not To Breathe Again” and “Make Up Your Mind” sport catchy choruses that have you singing along on the first listen. While the synth infused “Mistake: Retake” combines heavy guitars with Bowman’s melodic vocal stylings. “Human Conditional” features a great mix making all the instrumentation contained on the album really enjoyable to listen to.

Fallon Bowman’s “Human Conditional” is a great listen from start to finish. Though much different than her previous releases the album is very fresh. “Human Conditional” might not be heavy enough for fans of Fallon’s previous work but for me “Human Conditional” had everything I look for in an album.

Track Listing:
1.)    Human Conditional
2.)    Force Me Not To Breathe Again*
3.)    In Your Room
4.)    Make Up Your Mind*
5.)    Laughing With me
6.)    Rio De Janeiro
7.)    Love Affair
8.)    Tales From The Fourth Floor
9.)    Mistakes: Retake*
10.)  Disappearance
11.)  The Empty Space