Film Review: “Bionic”


  • Starring: Jessica Cores, Bruno Gagliasso
  • Directed by: Afonso Poyart
  • Rating: Unrated
  • Running Time: 110 minutes
  • Netflix


The cinematic exploration of the potential negative consequences of A.I. are nothing new in cinema, but neither are stories involving bionically enhanced humans. Lee Majors in the ‘70s era TV series “The Six Million Dollar Man” is the first one that comes to mind. The new Brazilian science fiction film “Bionic,” set in the year 2035, attempts to explore what the negative fallout could be if amputees, who became that way by accident or on purpose, had essentially superhuman strength and speed with new, computerized appendages. In the case of “Bionic,” it tackles this scenario via the sports world and how fully natural athletes would do against unfair competition. Sometimes “Bionic” is successful with this endeavor, but often it sputters and stumbles as it fails to cross the finish line.


The story revolves around a pair of Brazilian sisters born of a superstar track and field mother who dies when they are young. The oldest sister, Maria (Jessica Cores) has all the potential to become a superstar in her own right. However, her dreams are dashed with the arrival of bionic limbs, which turns her younger sister, Gabi (Gabz) into an international superstar. Records are broken right and left as natural athletes are left eating dust. Eclipsed by her sister, Maria is left feeling bitter. Enter Heitor (Bruno Gagliasso), a man of dubious character who is not afraid to rob and steal his way to riches. Charismatic, he uses his charms to convince Maria to help him steal a bunch of high-powered microchips that are implanted in the brain to sync it up with any bionic parts that are added. The sibling rivalry between the two girls becomes worse as the story moves along, putting the lives of their stereotypical, overbearing coach of a father and their brother in jeopardy.


Stylistically, “Bionic” is often eye pleasing, but icing alone does not make a cake. The competition portion of the story is laughably bad while the supposed good characters become increasingly unlikable as it progresses. There is little to no suspense in what is supposed to be an action sci-fi film with a climax so bad that it ruins anything that was positive. The post climatic scene at the end is even worse, leaving me with the thought of, “Did I just watch this?”.


Overall, “Bionic” is about it $5,999,999 less than Lee Majors.


“Bionic” receives ★ out of five.

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