Film Review: “IF”


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  • IF
  • Starring:  Ryan Reynolds, Cailey Fleming and Steve Carell
  • Directed by:  John Krasinski
  • Rated:  PG
  • Running time:  1 hr 44 mins
  • Paramount


I’m going to admit something here that you may find hard to believe.  Except for the few episodes of “The Office” I have not seen anything directed by John Krasinski.  WHAT?  YOU NEVER SAW “A QUIET PLACE???”  No.  I heard great things but never got around to seeing it.  However, I did see Krasinski’s latest effort from behind the camera and I highly recommend it.


Bea (Fleming) is a young girl with a lot on her mind.  Still mourning the passing of her mother she is sent to live with her grandmother (Fiona Shaw) while her father (played by writer/director Krasinski) is in the hospital undergoing tests.  Heartbroken and lonely she stumbles onto someone who shares her emotions.  Well, not exactly some “one.”


A rare family themed film that will actually appeal to the entire family, “IF” – which stands for “imaginary friend” is a tale that anyone who had an imagination as a child can enjoy.


While spying him out of the corner of her eye, Bea follows Blue (voiced by Carell), back to her apartment building and to an apartment on the top floor.  Intrigued she knocks and is introduced  to Cal (Reynolds), a man whose job is to reunite other IF’s with their now grown childhood friends who, for whatever reason, have forgotten them.

Armed with a script that is both funny and touching, the cast deliver strong performances.  Reynolds has always come off as a naturally friendly guy and he brings that quality to Cal.  Fleming is equally good.  Bea is a young girl with young girl feelings and she is allowed to explore and expose all of the emotions a child in her position can face.  As Blue, Carell adds another great animated vocal performance to his resume.  He is joined by an A-list cast of vocal talents including Bradley Cooper, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and Keegan-Michael Key.


Overall, the film is a sweet story that will make you laugh and, happily, cry.  With the summer blockbuster season about to begin, “IF” is a true family film that I hope doesn’t get lost at the multiplex.


On a scale of zero to five I give “IF” ★★

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