Interview with “Clue” actor Teddy Trice

We first introduced you to actor Teddy Trice five years ago when the Kansas City area native was back in his home town and appearing in “The Book of Mormon.”  This week he’s back, appearing in the new comedy “Clue.”  Mr. trice took time out of his day to fill us in on the new challenges he’s taken on on stage.


Mike Smith:  Good morning! 


Teddy Trice:  Good morning.  We’ve chatted before, do you remember?


MS:  Yes sir, for “The Book of Mormon.”


TT:  Well, it’s good to talk with you again.


MS:  How was the show last night?


TT:  It was great…it was great.  Full house.  The audience was having a blast. 


MS:  Tell me about the show.  How did it come to be?


TT:  This is the play adaptation of the classic movie.  And if you’re a fan of the board game you’ll see a lot of connections there.  The show follows the six suspects of Boddy Manor.  It’s a classic who-dun-it, with lots of slapstick comedy.  It has a lot of twists and turns that will keep people guessing. 


MS:  Since you mentioned the movie, when the film was released, it was released with three different endings.  Depending on what version you saw, that was the murderer.  The hope was that if you paid to see the film, you’d pay two more times to see the alternate killers.  Is the show similar to that?  Do you have a different killer every night?


TT:  It’s the same ending every night. But there are a few little twists that are different from what the film was


MS:  What is the audience reaction when the culprit is revealed?  I’m sure many of them have spent the show trying to figure things out for themselves.  Are there gasps of surprise or can you hear someone whisper “I knew it was them?”


TT:  There have been moments when the audience thinks they have it figured out and when the story switches you definitely hear the reaction.  But it happens so fast.  The show is 90-minutes and everyone is trying to piece it together in real time.  Everyone is along for the ride.  And when they do, or don’t, figure it out, it definitely takes them by surprise.


MS:  It’s definitely a show that you have to pay attention too.


TT:  There are quite a few characters and you have to piece together their motivations so you have to be CLUED in (laughs) to figure it out.


MS:  Last we talked, you were appearing in one of the most popular musicals of the 20th Century.  What led you to “Clue?”


TT:  This is my first time touring in a play.  After “Book of Mormon” I did “Come From Away” (NOTE:  “Come From Away” currently touring).  So I did two pretty big musicals so I thought stepping into a play would be a really big challenge.  Especially now when you have people who are massive fans of the movie.  A built-in audience.  It was a joy to work with the playwright and the director from the beginning.  I thought it was a unique opportunity to bring this show across the country. 

Mr. Trice recently released an EP of songs reflecting his life and upbringing.

MS:  is this your first time at the Kaufman Center?


TT:  Yes.  I appeared at the Music Hall but this is my first time at Kauffman.


MS:  What is it like playing in front of the home town audience?


TT:  It’s amazing.  I can remember when I was younger and a show would come to Kauffman.  I would take my parents  and just be in awe of the space and the performers.  It’s definitely a bucket list item for me.  It’s a dream for me.  To be able to work in a place that inspired me is really special.  I can only imagine that aspiring young artists are thinking the same thing.  I want to be able to be a light for the City and help in that way.


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