VIP Casinos: Understanding Their Rise

Not all casinos are built alike. Online VIP casinos gear their appeal towards high-rollers. To do that, which ultimately is a lucrative thing for the operator, they offer bigger and better perks than regular players get.

But what has been the drive behind the launch and ultimately, the rise of VIP casinos? What do they give that keeps players coming back time and again for further action? What are, for instance, BSTcasinos VIP offers like? Also, are VIP casinos out of touch with the everyday average player, or is there something there for everyone?

What are VIP Casinos?

VIP casinos offer high-level perks and benefits to players based on the amount of money that they place. This is more geared towards the big spenders among casino players and generally works on an invitation-only basis.

If a casino sees a player who is constantly playing a high turnover of stakes, then they may reach out to them with an invitation. It’s also possible for players to contact a customer support team and ask about becoming a member of a VIP program if they think they are playing at a high enough level.

The importance of VIP players for a casino is high. These are players that put a lot of money into operations and boost the casino returns. People playing high-roller stakes are liable to win more when they do hit success, but casinos are not fixed to make high-rollers win — so high-rollers lose just as often as everyone else who puts money into the casino’s pocket.

Why Did They Kick Off?

A competitive market typically drives innovation. This was the case with the swathe of online casinos that initially hit the market and continue to do so. While many are mostly targeted to the everyday casual bettor, some went towards a bigger market by trying to appeal to high-rollers.

This opened the door for many others to follow suit and now VIP online casinos are commonplace.

What Bonuses are Available at VIP Casinos?

Bonus offers are commonplace at online casinos, regardless of your level of play. From welcome offers to reload bonuses and cash-back specials, casino promotions are easy to come across.

But the difference with VIP bonuses, as such gambling specialists as would say, is that the rewards are bigger and better than what most players will pick up. What is on offer will vary from one VIP casino to another, but there are some major common perks like:

Bigger bonus values

Exclusive gifts and invitations

Personal, dedicated support

Account managers

Higher comp rewards

VIP players get better bonus terms on promotions. It could be lower wagering requirements for a specific promotion or a higher value reward than what the standard version is. Exclusive VIP-only promotions are likely to exist as well.

A common perk of holding the VIP status is getting access to winnings quickly. Faster cashouts are a big thing, with the potential of having a withdrawal request completed the same day, even within a few hours.

Other features of VIP status include a decided level of customer support, and even a personal account manager. VIPs receive opportunities to claim special gifts like invitations to exclusive gaming spaces and concerts, and higher comp levels will also be in play.

VIP Tiers Provide Sustainability

Another reason why VIP programs have become so popular is because they work on a tiered system. When players see that they can get higher rewards for climbing a VIP ladder, then there is a natural incentive there, as long as it is within budget.

Once on a rung of the ladder, it’s not something that a player ideally wants to lose, as their level of perks will decrease. People don’t like losing. So this is a powerful marketing tool that casinos use to keep VIPs happy and to ensure that they stick around.

Levels such as gold, diamond, and Platinum are commonly seen. The higher the tier, the higher the comp points, bonus rewards and levels of personalised service that can be achieved.

Rewards Clubs

The average everyday casual pointer is not totally out of the loop. While the VIP programs at online casinos may be out of reach for many, there are Rewards clubs which provide a similar sort of experience, just without the high-level returns.

Rewards clubs can see weekly bonuses credited for spins, or a better percentage of reload bonus. These are smaller rewards than will ever be returned by a VIP program, but it’s all subjective to the level that is being played at.

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