Planning the Perfect Budget-Friendly Nashville Bachelorette

Nashville is known as the vibrant heart of the state of Tennessee. With the rich live music scene and the most delicious Southern cuisine, it became one of the most demanded bachelorette locations for the brides-to-be and their friends.

Sometimes, these adventures can be pretty expensive, knowing that not every friend earns the same. Adjusting to everyone’s budget is a must if you want to have the best Nashville bachelorette party – and it doesn’t mean it should be very expensive at all.

So, we’re sharing a few practical tips on planning the bachelorette in Nashville considering limited budgets:

Finding the Right Accommodation

You don’t need luxury resorts to have the best time in Nashville. There are so many great lodging options, so the expensive downtown hotels can be left out of the plan. Consider renting an apartment in East Nashville or The Gulch for a much smaller cost.

You can have a big apartment with a kitchen and balcony and even invite more friends or handsome butlers to enhance the experience. An indeed unique way to make lifelong memories.

Eating on a Budget

Renting an apartment means you have a kitchen available. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to prepare turkey and gravy – still, a few simple snacks will save you money on pricey restaurants and bars.

We recommend discovering local gems like smaller restaurants and bakeries. Tourist traps in Nashville can be harmful to your pocket, while the picnic-style dinners will help you create memories you’ll gladly talk about.

The Musical Magic

Music is the soul of this city. It means you have the pricey honky-tonk parties but also the extended festivals, live events, and local performances. You can choose any bar or pub in the evening and expect a great musical event.

Sometimes, the downtown parties mean paying for tickets, reservations, and beverages. At the same time, the charming pubs and breweries offer more affordable musical experiences, while you only pay for the ordered food and drinks, with no need for entrance tickets at all.

Budget-Friendly Daily Activities

You can have a casual coffee while planning the night but also discover some of the Nashville charms around you. Visit the 12 South neighborhood, which is known for its mix of luxury and affordable stores and restaurants. Pose in front of the “I Believe in Nashville” mural, or have a picnic in Sevier Park.

If you love music, then consider visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to learn more about your favorite genre. But if you’re more into history, don’t miss the Frist Art Museum and learn more about the Civil War history.

Nightlife Options on Budget

It’s easy to fall for the bottle service clubs and trendy rooftop bars. But on a budget, you must plan wisely. We suggest you download some dedicated Nashville apps, discover bars and restaurants that offer happy hours during the night, and hop the party!

You also have other options, like staying in the apartment and having a private karaoke party or playing some interesting games. You don’t need to go out to have a nice bachelorette night. It’s all about having fun and being together, supporting the bride in her decision to start a new life with her loved one.

Consider a Group Gift

Bride’s friends often purchase gifts for bachelorette occasions. While it seems like a nice idea for each friend to buy a gift separately, it sometimes leads to shame and disappointment. We must be aware that money, indeed, can be a problem for some girls.

On the other hand, a larger group gift can be a better solution because everyone contributes equally. So, even with smaller individual amounts, you can invest in a bigger gift for the bride-to-be. She’ll surely appreciate the effort, and that present will have a special place in her new home for sure.

Bonus Tips on Budget-Friendly Bachelorette in Nashville

Earlier, we covered the biggest expenses that may arise during a bachelorette party, no matter if it’s in Nashville or any other city. Still, there are some tiny things that may add to the overall expenses that you don’t even think about, like:

● Drinks at the airport, because the coffee there can be very expensive

● Uber and taxis can also be expensive, so consider using public transport

● Don’t wear heels daily because you’ll need to buy sneakers anyway

● Not considering the happy hours available in almost all Nashville bars and restaurants

● Paying for shows even though there are many musical and artistic performances around

● Outdoor activities at any cost, while the rental parties and fun can be a nice idea too

● Avoid expensive stores and support the local businesses and vintage shopping spots

As you can see, there are so many available options to have a budget-friendly bachelorette party. Use our tips, and think outside of the box. We are sure you’ll get even more exceptional ideas to spend a great weekend with the bride-to-be without breaking the bank.

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