Film Review: “MR-9: Do or Die”


  • MR-9:  DO OR DIE
  • Starring:  Abm Sumon, Michael Jai White and Frank Grillo
  • Directed by:  Asif Akbar
  • Rated:  Not Rated
  • Running time:  2 hrs 4 mins
  • Premiere Entertainment Group


I have followed the career of filmmaker Asif Akbar since his eye-opening documentary “Top Priority: the Terror Within” in 2010.  In 2018, he made his solo feature directing debut with the sci-fi thriller “Astro,” a film he co-wrote.  As the years rolled on, his films became bigger and better.  And with his latest, “MR-9: Do or Die,” he has delivered the biggest and the best.


In a remote C.I.A. field office, a pair of agents are planning their upcoming mission.  After going through all the particulars, one says to the other, “Let’s not make a scene this time.”  Oops.


Action packed from start to finish, “MR-9: Do or Die” follows the adventures of B.C.I. (Bangladesh Counter Intelligence Agency) agent Masud Rana (Sumon), code name MR-9.  He is put to work to investigate a pair of brothers whose robotics company is up to no good.  As he literally travels the world to foil the brothers plot the body count grows.  And grows.  And grows!


There are two kinds of action films.  One kind is horribly paced, with really nothing going on between the action scenes.  For an example I offer the George Clooney film, “The American,” which was such a snoofefest I had to think for a couple of minutes before I remembered the title.  An example of a great action film is this summer’s latest installment in the “Mission Impossible: series, “Dead Reckoning.”  As in that film, the action here is non-stop, with the characters only taking a few moments to catch their breaths, presumably to allow the audience to do the same.


The performances are strong and Akbar’s pacing spot on.  Like “MI: Dead Reckoning,” the extended running time moves quickly.  Another thing in common – there is more to this adventure to come.


The film is beautifully shot, with each of the global destinations captured in their own individual beauty.  Credit Director of Photography Mark David and Production Designer Chad Quick for the amazing look of the film and composer Ricky Kej for his Bondian-themed score, a perfect accompaniment for the action on-screen.


MR-9: Do or Die” receives four out of a total of five stars.



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