Film Review: “Strays”


  • Starring the voices of:  Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx and Isla Fisher
  • Directed by:  Josh Greenbaum
  • Rated:  R
  • Running time:  1 hr 33 mins
  • Universal


Meet Reggie (Ferrell), a terrier that worships his owner, Doug (Will Forte).  Because dogs love unconditionally, Reggie doesn’t realize that Doug hates him, blaming Reggie for the breakup of his latest relationship.  Which means that, when Doug repeatedly drives Reggie out into the country and tosses a tennis ball, Reggie thinks he’s playing a game.  He’s not.  Doug is, in a term all dogs hate to hear, “a bad boy.”  After one such game of fetch, Reggie finds himself lost.  But his life changes when he makes some new friends.


Crude, crass and incredibly funny, “Strays” follows the adventures of a quartet of dogs who learn that being a part of a pack isn’t always a bad thing.  Bug (Foxx) is the streetwise boxer, proud of being a stray, hiding a secret.  Reggie and Bug are joined by Maggie (Fisher) and Hunter (Randall Park), two dogs that have owners but feel neglected.  Maggie because her owner has gotten a new puppy and Hunter, who once trained to be a police dog, who now wears a cone around his neck.  Together they forge their way across rainy city streets and vast stretches of woods to get Reggie back to the undeserving Doug.  It’s like “Homeward Bound” if Chance and Sassy dropped F-bombs.  A lot.  “The Wolf of Wall Street” currently holds the record for most uses of the “F” word in one film – 715.  “Strays” may actually break that record.



The voice performers have fun with their roles, and their banter is often quite funny.  A word of warning though.  Despite the posters featuring cute dogs, “Strays” is not for children.  I was amazed at how many children were at the screening I attended.  I was even more amazed that not one parent took a child out. So, if you’re looking for an outrageous time at the movies, give “Strays” a watch.  But leave the kiddies home.

“Strays” receives a total of three stars out of five.   



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