I Was RIGHT About Adam Sandler


Let’s take a trip back in time.  It’s 2011 and this site was still known as MovieMikes.  I posted a review for the Adam Sandler film Jack and Jill and all hell broke loose.  The reason?  I had rated it as positive on Rotten Tomatoes.  Let me go more in depth.  I was the ONLY critic to give Jack and Jill a positive rating.


If you’ve learned anything about me in the 13-plus years this site has been in existance, it’s that, even though I’m now 62, inside I’ll always be a 13-year old boy.  I love Adam Sandler’s goofy brand of comedy.  Yes, some of his films are pretty, well, not-good, but I usually laugh at them.


That was the case of Jack and Jill.  Yes it was durmb, but come on….you had Al Pacino singing and dancing for Christ’s sake!  I gave it 2.5 stars out of 5, but instead of rating it as “Rotten” on RT I rated it “fresh.”  And the madness began.


I received so many negative comments on the post on RT that they stopped allowing people to comment.  I received a bunch of horrible emails, many of which I can’t quote here.  What I thought was odd was that these comments began piling up the moment I posted my review.  The day before the film even opened.  These people were criticizing me for liking a film they hadn’t even seen.  However, there is a certain silver lining to this adventure as Adam Sandler recently was awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.  That’s right.  Richard Pryor.  Steve Martin.  Carol Burnett.  ADAM SANDLER!!



As the ONLY critic to give Jack and Jill a “fresh” rating, this site was not only mentioned nationwide on the “Opie and Anthony” radio show, but was mentioned on “E!” Entertainment Television.  Adam Sandler, and Mike G’s series of “Walking Dead” interviews that same year put us on the map!  Thirteen years later we continue to be one of the most popular entertainment sites out there.  And for that I say, “thank YOU, Adam Sandler!”


And thanks to all of yolu for your continued support!

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