Donner’s proprietary FVACM technology in the Arena2000 takes guitarists tone to the next level

Donner leading manufacturer of innovative and feature-rich musical instruments, has introduced the new Arena2000 amp modeling and guitar multi-effects processor. Helping musicians take their sound to new heights, the Arena2000 features Donner’s exclusive FVACM tone/processing technology (Forward Analog Virtual Circuit Modeling) at its core with an IR sample length of Arena2000 is up to 23.2ms, resulting in a tone with a greater dynamic range.

Featuring an incredibly diverse library of 80 hi-res amp models, 50 cabinet IR models and 50 slots for loading third-party IRs, the Arena2000 boasts a total of 278 effects, which provides a wide range of legendary guitar tones. Whether it’s fresh urban pop or high-speed thrash metal, the Arena2000 helps players achieve it all.

A customized CTRL control mode, built-in EXP1 expression pedal and external EXP2 expression pedal allow musicians to switch their tone library in seconds with just a tap of their foot. Compact control panels and simple navigation helps both beginner users and professional musicians get started in no time.

With a built-in looper that supports up to 60 seconds of sound and 40 different drum rhythms, the Arena2000 can quickly record demos or allow musicians to perform live as a one-man band. A headphone output allows for music creation in all volume settings. Additionally, users can quickly capture inspiration using a OTG USB cable connecting the pedal to their mobile phone.

Developed by its leading R&D group, Donner’s powerful FVACM (Forward Analog Virtual Circuit Modeling) tone generating technology is a key highlight in the Arena2000. With its high precision 24bit/44.1kHz audio processing, the FVACM technology excellently restores the characteristics of classic guitar tones and amplifiers, making the tone more dynamic and layered.

The IR sample length of Arena2000 is up to 23.2ms. This ultra-long resolution capability can precisely restore the tone of the IR collection object and reproduce the acoustic environment of the collection space, resulting in a tone with a greater dynamic range and a stronger sense
of spatial authenticity.

Arena200 gives guitarists a huge amount of flexibility to build their dream tones. Players can easily create dream rigs comprising 10 individual FX along with 1 amp model and 1 cab model in a single preset.

The Arena2000’s multi-terminal interface makes it ideal for on-stage performance and recording, as well as daily practice at home. The Arena2000’s touch mode complements its small panel design, and user navigation is easy-to-operate — so easy, that even beginners who have never handled a multi-effect processor can get started within minutes. The unit’s small form-factor allows musicians to take the Arena2000 with them wherever they perform their music, whether that’s in their bedroom studio, a professional recording studio or a live stage.

The Arena2000 features a guitar-in, aux-in, MIDI-in, XLR L/R, an unbalanced ¼-inch L/R, phone-out and USB interface capabilities, which make it a potent multi-terminal interface that can operate in any circumstances. A built-in cabinet simulation output option allows users to effortlessly switch between the ¼ output port and the XLR output port— making the unit very handy during live performances.

The Donner Arena2000 is available now globally and retails at $269 on Donner’s Amazon Storefront and

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