What Options do SMBS have for IT Support

IT Support is especially important for small to medium sized businesses. Of course, these days it is almost impossible to conduct business without IT, and therefore IT is a necessity. But unfortunately, SMBs often don’t invest enough time or enough money into getting the right IT Support for their business. This may be because of budget restraints or simply because they are prioritising endeavours which will help their business more directly. We spoke with TechQuarters, a company providing IT support and service solutions to many small to medium sized businesses in London. They discussed the options SMBs have for their IT.

Outsourced IT Support

To start with, outsourced IT support is perhaps the best solution for SMBs in terms of making sure they have access to the expertise and resources needed to keep their business going and avoid downtime due to technology. IT support for small business is not just a service, it’s almost like an insurance policy against issues that could slow down your business operations and prevent you from working for long periods of time.

Full IT Support – as you can guess, this is the most comprehensive type of IT support you can get from an outsourced provider. It gives you access to all the features your provider can offer for supporting your IT infrastructure. This will usually involved access to some form of helpdesk that can manage cases and help fix issues remotely; but the Full IT Support package should also include access to physical, onsite support – this means your provider can send engineers to your site to help fix IT issues.

Remote IT Support – one of the great things about modern technology is that more and more IT issues can now be fixed completely remotely. In fact, TechQuarters told us that 80% of IT issues can be resolved remotely – all their engineers need to do is take remote control of a users’ computer, and they can go through the steps of fixing whatever issue they have. Additionally, if the customers’ IT infrastructure has been migrated to the Cloud, more complicated issues, such as network or server issues, can also be investigated and fixed remotely.

IT Manager or ‘Bounce out’ Support – this is a more selective type of support. Let’s say your company already has an IT specialist who is the official IT manager of the organisation. Now let’s say your business has taken on new employees, your network has grown, and the overall demand being placed on your IT department has grown. This may be too much for a single IT manager, or even a small team of engineers. This is why IT support providers like TechQuarters offer services that actually work alongside a customers’ internal team – it is a way of taking the pressure off of the customers’ own staff.

If you are an SMB, outsourced IT support is most definitely a great solution to consider. If you are in London, there are so many options for London IT services. If you want a solution for your IT that can be adapted as your company grows, then outsourced IT is well worth considering.

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