How to get your first 100 followers on TikTok

Have you just downloaded TikTok and are looking for the best ways of getting followers as fast as possible? Have you had a TikTok account for a while but just can’t seem to get your follower count up?

TikTok is a relatively new social media platform to the game, having only been launched back in 2016, but it has since amassed over 1 billion active daily users making it the most popular social media platform to date. More and more people are downloading TikTok every day and it has now become one of the primary sources of entertainment among young users. There are millions of viral videos popping up all the time and trends that are frequently being copied.

Although there are so many users on the app, it’s not as easy as it seems to do well on TikTok because there is so much competition and it can be hard to get noticed, which is why many growth services like TokUpgrade have been launched. TikTok requires hard work and dedication, and if you want your new account to do well, here are a few tips to help get your first 100 followers.

Have an attractive profile

One of the first things thing you will have to set up when creating your TikTok account, is your profile. You profile is so important when it comes to practically every aspect of TikTok because it’s how people will recognise you and notice you. If you have a plain and boring profile you are more likely to be looked past.

You should always start off your profile creation with a catchy and easy to remember username. Make sure to keep it short and sweet, and easy to spell. Next up you have your profile picture. This is one of the most important parts of your profile as it will be what people will use to identify you. When choosing a profile photo, be sure to choose something that will still be able to be seen even in the small little icon, it should also be something that is suited to the tone a voice of your account. Lastly, in your bio, you should have something catchy and fun to say while also describing exactly what your account it all about.

Use hashtags for exposure

Hashtags are one of the greatest tools to ever have come from social media and there are so many reasons why. The biggest benefit of using hashtags in your content it because it allows you to reach an audience that might not yet follow you, but on top of that, because a hashtags is a searchable key word, by including a hashtags in your content, you are also directly targeting your content to an audience that is most likely to enjoy it.

This means that by adding hashtags to your content you are actively increasing the amount of people who see it, which in turn will allow for more people to see your account and potentially follow it.

Engage with others

Many people think that just by posting as much as they can, they give themselves the best shot as getting as many followers as possible, but without anyone to see your content, there is no point in posting so much of it. This is where engagement comes in. Engagement it key when it comes to any kind of growth on social media because people won’t always just follow your account just because they’ve seen it. A great way to engage with your followers, and effectively gain more of them, by actively following people, commenting on other people’s posts, sharing other people content and just making yourself visible to other users through engagement like this is no doubt one of the best ways for you to get noticed and for people to follow you. 

Create good content

It’s all good and well to have the account, but now you need to post because no one is going to follow an account with no videos. Your content needs to stick within the lines of what TikTok users enjoy, which is content that it in the moment and authentic, but it also need to be funny, and original. You content should also have a niche which will allow you to target people who are interested in that specific niche. By having good content, you will always be able to grow your follower base.

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